FOWC with Fandango: Extra


It is the extras that are my problem. I like food, not everything, but as far as I can I like it fresh. I rarely buy ready cooked. I do not even like going out for a meal. I always have my suspicions how it was cooked, was it fresh, or was it delivered already cooked as often happens today in a restaurant. The restaurant kitchen is only for reheating the food, not for cooking.

We eat lunch, a full meal,  and in the evening usually cold cuts which is the problem. We have being eating cold cuts for years, perhaps with tomatoes, cucumber or some other salad. The ham, salami, cold roast etc. stays the same, and so does the cheese variations. Now things are a little different as I go shopping on my own and have no-one at my side to say yes or no. That is an advantage, because that someone no longer decides and I make the choices: a risky business but it seems to work.

So there I am in the big store confronted with all the special offers, the two for one, the seasonal offers of the fresh veg and salad and I have the choice. This coupled with pepping up the cold cuts, I make an effort to realise my dreams of something completely different. It is not easy, but I make an effort.

Of course, it does not happen every day that I have a big idea, but I am making progress. It is now asparagus season I might cook some green asparagus with it. Tonight it will be a sliced tomato salad with the trimmings. I have chives in the garden and will mix a sauce myself to pour over it, after coating it with a layer of chopped eschalot, those little onions. Tomorrow I am off shopping again so who knows what will happen.

Looking at my supermarket app on my iPad I see they have avocados on special offer, Now what can I do with them? Perhaps together with a tuna salad. I do not usually tell anyone my intentions as that is when I get the possible rejections of the others. When it is on the table no-one asks questions. Indeed some say what a good idea. It is the extras that always make a difference.

FOWC with Fandango: Extra

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