FOWC with Fandango: Extra


It is the extras that are my problem. I like food, not everything, but as far as I can I like it fresh. I rarely buy ready cooked. I do not even like going out for a meal. I always have my suspicions how it was cooked, was it fresh, or was it delivered already cooked as often happens today in a restaurant. The restaurant kitchen is only for reheating the food, not for cooking.

We eat lunch, a full meal,  and in the evening usually cold cuts which is the problem. We have being eating cold cuts for years, perhaps with tomatoes, cucumber or some other salad. The ham, salami, cold roast etc. stays the same, and so does the cheese variations. Now things are a little different as I go shopping on my own and have no-one at my side to say yes or no. That is an advantage, because that someone no longer decides and I make the choices: a risky business but it seems to work.

So there I am in the big store confronted with all the special offers, the two for one, the seasonal offers of the fresh veg and salad and I have the choice. This coupled with pepping up the cold cuts, I make an effort to realise my dreams of something completely different. It is not easy, but I make an effort.

Of course, it does not happen every day that I have a big idea, but I am making progress. It is now asparagus season I might cook some green asparagus with it. Tonight it will be a sliced tomato salad with the trimmings. I have chives in the garden and will mix a sauce myself to pour over it, after coating it with a layer of chopped eschalot, those little onions. Tomorrow I am off shopping again so who knows what will happen.

Looking at my supermarket app on my iPad I see they have avocados on special offer, Now what can I do with them? Perhaps together with a tuna salad. I do not usually tell anyone my intentions as that is when I get the possible rejections of the others. When it is on the table no-one asks questions. Indeed some say what a good idea. It is the extras that always make a difference.

FOWC with Fandango: Extra

RDP Wednesday: Book


This is my book(s) (known as Kindle), well just part of it. It does not smell like a book, does not feel like a book and is not heavy like  book. It is light weight, electronic and does what I tell it to do. I can upload my book from somewhere in the cyber bookworld and within a few seconds I have the full version (sometimes 3-400 pages) at my fingertips to read. It contains approximately 500 books at the moment, but always increasing and the languages are all there, according to whether you understand and can read them. Mr. Swiss also has such a Kindle, the advantage being that his and my Kindle books are available on all our electronic apparatus. This means whilst he reads a book on his Kindle that appeals to me, I can also read it on his iPad.

I like to take my book(s) with me wherever I go and upload a new one when I am finished with the book in progress. This is possible thanks to 3g, 4g or whatever you have on your Kindle as an electronic connection, even when I am not at home..

A book is not longer a book, but has become a comfortable connection laying in my hands. And so Mr. Swiss and I are  in our armchairs in the evening, both holding our Kindles in our hands and are comfortable with them, unless we are watching the TV or are busy with our respective computers.

It is an online cyber life we lead. Who needs a library, do they still exist?

RDP Wednesday: Book

Good Morning


Looks like it is going to be a sunny one today. The planes are winging their way across the sky leaving their traces behind them and I am now sitting at the breakfast table in the kitchen with my computer in front of an open window and a wonderful view of my garden.

Back Garden

So of course I had to share it with everyone. A chance for one of those “life is good” kitschy phrases but I am not really the sentimental kind, at least not on the computer. Good was my bread and honey for breakfast and the prospect of not having to go shopping today.

Yesterday was my first day back in the old routine after the Easter  holiday, although the store was practically empty. It is still an Easter recovery week as my golden oldie routine is a little mixed up. Shopping on Tuesday and again on Thursday and week-end big shopping on Friday is not my usual routine, but Monday went missing somewhere along the line.

To make the most of this state of affairs, I just might go for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon as I have nothing better to do.

Creeping Buttercup

I have had my eye on this appearance in my front garden for a few days. First of all there was a long stalk and now this flower has opened, with more to come. It looked like a buttercup, although they are usually not so tall. After having a look in my plant identifying app it seems it is a creeping buttercup: sounds almost like something from the twilight zone. However I read that they can grow quite high but can get a little invasive. At the moment I have only one, so I am keeping an eye on it. I find it quite pretty sitting their on its own.

South Feldbrunnen 22.04 (11)

On my last wheelie through the village in my direct neighbouring area, I noticed this construction. It has been there for some time, is now being finished and is a family house to rent. Usually this sort of thing is to buy, but the estate agents want to make some money out of it. Admittedly it is in the luxury class with all mod cons and spacious rooms but at the price of almost four thousand Swiss francs per month it is really only something for the millionaires amongst us and they can afford to buy their own. I must admit sometimes I get a little envious when I see what some can afford, and we must scrape together what we want.  I have realised in my own experience that you are well cared for on the one side when you have health problems, but what you would like to have and what you can actually afford to have are two different things. Medical insurance is there for all, but having a private medical insurance to cover the little luxuries to assist, is something only for the selected few. Mr. Swiss made a comment yesterday that the Queen of GB is looking good for her 93 years. I told him so would I at that age if I had her medical care.

Something else I noticed. I often get visitors on my site that make a like and a comment “Nice site. Please visit my site.” No I do not visit and generally remove and delete their comments as spam or trash. I sometimes also get someone with such a comment and I get suspicious. When I have a quick look at their site, they are basically wanting to sell something. I delete, you have no chance with me, and just a comment “nice” is not a comment but for me an insult. On the other hand, This week I achieved 12,000 followers on my site, so  big thank you to those that visit with good intentions and comments. I am here for the fun of it. I like to take photos, to write and to read and am not on a publicity tour. My statistics are, of course, interesting, but I do not cling to them, so let’s just have fun together and a little conversation now and again. Let’s enjoy our online experience, even if there are some that seem to be in a popularity race.


As usual I leave you with a greeting from my surrounding nature. These tulips are in my garden making a rather spectacular show this year. I do not know what my gardener fed them with, but they are double the size of last year.

Enjoy the day, have fun, and always look on the bright side, although that is sometimes difficult to find speaking from personal experience. I now have to go. There are things to do and an apartment to take care of.