Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

Schaffhausen 06.08 (120)

Living next to a river, we have many bridges. However this bridge I saw in Schaffhausen when I was visiting my son: a fascinating construction.

Derendingen 14.04 (23)

And this construction is over the River Emme in a neighbouring village.

Wangen an der Aare

And this is a very old wooden bridge, across the River Aare, in a village nearby. Note the one-way traffic. You have to wait patiently before cross the bridge.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

FOWC with Fandango: Oil

Sunflowers 30.06 (11)

They do not look very oily. On the contrary a wonderful sight. Last year there were hundreds of sunflowers planted in a field bordering on our town, and I often went on a photo safari to capture their beauty: but why about 500 sunflowers or more. They were planted for the production of sunflower oil which is won from the seeds.

Rap Seed Field in Feldbrunnen

And this is a field of Rapeseed, also near where I live and grown for the production of Rapeseed oil. Switzerland does not have many natural resource. There are no oil wells springing out of the ground and pumping. Our oil grows peacefully in a field until it is harvested.

FOWC with Fandago: Oil

RDP Tuesday: Chalk

Chalk 24.11.2018

On my first day at school I was given a so-called blackboard and a piece of white chalk. It was in the early fifties. I remember seeing chalk for the first time and then I was supposed to write with it. This was the first class, we were all about 6 years old.

In the second class we progressed to a pencil and then one day we had our own inkwell and  pen. You dipped the nib of the pen in the ink and could write with it, although there was often an unwelcome splodge where it should have been fine lines. I remember that the ink wells were filled once a day and that my teacher was not very happy. She had the impression that I was an ink addict, drinking it now and again. The truth was that my neighbour on the desk was left handed. I sat on the left side and she was on the right. I dipped my pen continuously into the inkwell on my right, and she was dipping hers continuously in the inkwell on her left. The result being that we were both using the same inkwell and my ink was being used twice as fast as the others.

But I am digressing. This is about chalk. My next experience was street games. We would draw the outlines on the pavement, with chalk of course, to play a game of “hop scotch”  And then chalk disappeared from my life until today now and again when a group of kids suddenly discover chalk and begin to make designs on the ground. I saw the pot of chalk where I live  belonging to some kids.

And that’s that, nothing astonishing or interesting to write about chalk.

RDP Tuesday: Chalk

Good Morning

Front Garden

Just an “ooh la la” sky this morning, nothing special, but it might brighten up. I have the cleaning lady here, so am later than usual. At last we have this Easter stress behind us and can get back to living a normal life, at least I can. Some have to go back to their daily jobs today and the Easter break was probably more welcome.

I went for a short wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon and it seems that the sheep have returned. I missed them the last two years. The farmer had put the sheep pen somewhere else and I could not longer see them. At first it looked empty, but I realised the white shapes outside were sleeping sheep and when I looked closer I saw a sheep looking back at me.

Sheep 22.04 (5)

When  I brightened up the photo I noticed that there were many sheep, so it looks like it will be an interesting summer. I also saw that the sheep are still wearing their overcoats and will probably be shorn at some time in the future. Sheep are not really a Swiss thing, but it made a good photo for easter.

Sheep 22.04 (2)

Rape Field Feldbrunnen South 22.04 (2)

The farmer’s rape seed was already flowering in the fields. That is for oil production. Here I was looking more South across the river into the Kanton of Bern. In the distance you can see the hills which eventually lead to the alps, but the weather was not clear enough for an alpine view.

It was Easter Monday and I saw no-one in our village. It was my last shopping free day and now back to the usual routine. And that is all for today. I trust you all had a happy or whatever Easter and see you around later.

Here is the first lilac I saw flowering in the village.

Lilac 22.04 (2)

We also have a tree opposite where I live, but that is not yet so far, and only has buds.