RDP Monday: Foray

Stairs Estate Feldbrunnen

I had a dream no, nothing to set a milestone in our lives, just a dream. And then my alarm woke me. It was lunch time and I set my midday sleep for an hour, otherwise there is a dangeer that it will be 3 hours and the afternoon is gone. Back to my dream.

So what does this have to do with today’s task. Well yes, I was on a foray. There was a lady in my dream holding the hands of a man. I am just not sure who the lady was. It did not look like my mum, and it certainly was not me, although perhaps. Mr. Swiss was also not there. The lady was ready for a walk with the man and said I could not come. It was then I thought I might be the lady, but I was watching, so I could not be. I decided if I could not come I would do my own foray and began to walk.

Flower Bed

This was strange in itself, because walking is something I do with a stick, a walker, or long distances with my wheelchair. I was walking free style when I realised that my walking assistants were not there. I then had a helpless feeling in my left leg, it would not take steps. I was worried. What if I would fall. I then realised that I had no help I was semi invalid and my left leg is not very independent.

Suddenly I heard my alarm, it plays a jazz rift from a piano. I was awake, but still somehow trapped in my dream. I called Mr. Swiss and asked if he was there: silly question, of course he was, in the next room. I could still see the lady and man from my dream, but they had left me to my own device. I was still struggling along and then, I get a prompt with the name “Foray”. I think I am becoming psychic somehow. Luckily Mr. Swiss was also in a half sleep, otherwise he would have found it strange that I called out.

I decided to clear my head and went on a foray in my part of the village in my wheelchair: not too far. Of course I took my Nikon camera with me, but also decided to take some photos on the way with my mobile phone for immediate uploads. If you dream of a foray and have to write about one, then it is always good to have a few illustrations. The photos here were taken this afternoon about an hour ago, all from my immediate  surroundings in South Feldbrunnen. North Feldbrunnen is on the other side of the road. So now I have written it all down. It will not be a best seller, but not to be forgotten.


RDP Monday: Foray

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