Good Morning

Jura 19.04 (1)

We are having wonderful weather at the moment. Yesterday I went for a wheelie in my chair and even had thoughts about wearing shorter trousers the next time, not quite shorts but it was really warm. The photo is from yesterday afternoon of the Jura in our back yard. As I wheeled into town in my chair I began to hear thunder in the distance and was hoping it would not rain, but it was behind the first mountain range. Now and again it was still rumbling when I arrived in town, but not in the immediate area.

Stork on Konzertsaal 19.04.2019 (2)

I wheeled onto our concert hall as I was determined to get a photo of the storks that had the audacity to build a nest on the chimney of our concert hall in town. This time I was in luck and one was perched on the top. Our town authorities are not very happy about removing the ton of nesting material in Autumn when they fly off on their holidays in warmer countries.

Stork on Konzertsaal 19.04.2019

I had to wait a while for the stork to get in a better position, but was rewarded with this shot, using the zoom on the camera of course. It certainly seems he has transported half a forest to build the nest.

Magnolia 19.04 (1)

Our magnolia trees in the museum park are now in full bloom, nicely in time for the Easter. I stay at home for Easter. I do not invite and I do not want to be invited. One little advantage of this Easter is that I no longer have to go places and do things like shopping. the cupboard and fridge are full and I can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The idea here seems to be to go away for a few days. Most people flock to the Southern part of Switzerland on the Italian borders, like Lugano or Locarno, and naturally it is also the gateway to Italy. Since Good Friday we have had reports of a 14 kilometre jam on the motorways to the South and a 2-3 our waiting time before the traffic actually moved. Travelling South in Switzerland has never been fun, we did it a couple of times for the summer holidays.  Once you arrive in the Tessin (Italian part of Switzerland), it is crowded and to be quite honest, it is a nice part of Switzerland, but you cannot enjoy it when everyone is there. I preferred to go in the off season to enjoy the trip.

Today I have everything I need at home: a garden in a quiet village and places to visit just around the corner. I do not get traffic jams with my wheelchair and if I go shopping the only stops I make are for the traffic lights. I can relax, sleep in my own bed and eat my food when it is cooked by me. I do not have to wait in a restaurant until I am served and hope that the food is good.

Mayor's orrice Solothurn 19.04.2019

I also did a quick visit through the open gate to the mayor’s office on my way to town. it is just outside the city walls. Actually I got married there. It was then the official registry office, but later they moved it to another house on the banks of the river. Our mayor has had the job for many years and he is OK: he even goes to work on his bike, no show with him.

Gelateria 19.04.2019

I also wheeled into town and am always amused to see the crowds outside our Gelateria, an ice cream bar, waiting to get their cornets or whatever. I do not eat ice cream, or am careful with it because of a lactose problem, but their ice creams must be perfect. There is always a queue outside and the streets are full of people eating their cornets in Summer. It is in a good place next to the Panini bar where you can buy sandwiches with many different fillings. I noticed in town that fast food has taken over. There are people sitting on benches with cola, a sandwich and perhaps eve a small container with a salad.

It was a wonderful afternoon and I was surprised how the town was crowded with people enjoying the good weather in the outside restaurants. Good Friday used to be the day when everything was closed, but no longer. Of course the stores were not open, but the restaurants and we have enough.

Eventually I decided it was time to wheel on home in my chair. I was glad to have again been able to have the time to go somewhere. I hope your holidays are going well and that the weather is playing with you. Today it will be the usual Saturday routine and who knows, perhaps I will be on my way again. I have not visited the local cemetery and stables for some time. Enjoy the flower bed I saw yesterday before entering town through the gate.

pansies 19.04 (2)

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I also do not invite and am not invited. Mostly, I’m REALLY glad no one has asked me to make a Seder. Talk about an awful lot of work … enough to make you wonder why you are bothering!

    We had lovely weather Monday and Tuesday, gray (but no rain) yesterday … and rain today. Supposedly it will be nice tomorrow. I hope so. It has rained SO much, the world feels damp.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I took a wheelie through town on Good Friday and was astonished to see how many people were around in the outside seats of the restaurants. It was like a normal Sunday. Good Friday used to be the holiday when everything was closed.

      Today was like a summer day. My garden is slowly filling with flowers


  2. That magnolia ROX! I suppose after the sort of winter that those who live there must contend with, they deserve all the colorful flowers. Do you happen to know if the evergreen Southern magnolia survives there. I think that it takes more frost than I ever gave it credit for. I saw it in Portland. It looks nothing like the deciduous ones though. Bloom is sparse and sporadic thought the year. The glossy foliage is what people dig about it.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes; those are simply star magnolias. I work with only three magnolias now. One is a Southern magnolia. One is a saucer magnolia, like the specimen in your picture. One is a white star magnolia that I just recently dug up and moved.


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