Good Morning

Clouds with Apple Blossoms

I did not really know where to start this morning. I have been so involved with the Easter Shopping Show that I have had absolutely no time to go on a photo safari, but I hope this is the last day for a while that you only see my garden and its surprises. There was a surprise this morning when I decided to take a photo of the sunset with a few clouds looking West. I then saw a blaze of colour on my cell phone camera and discovered that my apple tree buds had now opened.

Apple Blossom

I took a closer look and yes, they are appearing all over the tree. If the weather stays fine as it is at the moment, no storms or heavy winds, they will stay and in a couple of weeks will have little green knobs in the centre which will one day be my next apple harvest, but that will be September/October and now I want to enjoy April and of course May.

Apple Blossom

I decided to zoom in for a closeup just to make sure that the apple blossoms were really genuine.

I have really had a photo famine this week. The only place I had been to was the supermarket on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday was reserved for mounting Summer tyres on my car. There was really no time for a wheelie anywhere. The only wheeling I did was in my car to the store. Now the food hunting safari is accomplished. We will survive until Tuesday afternoon when I have planned the next shopping excursion.

This afternoon I intend to go into town, I am curious to see how it is on a Good Friday, a holiday that is one of the highest in the church. I remember my childhood days. Good Friday was the day for mum to clean. She was never an intensive cleaner, but Good Friday was the day when a mop, bucket, water and a bad temper arrived from mum. Dad and I would escape. I think it was a free choice for dad and he helped by getting me out of the way of mum’s labours. I know, but I have no idea why mum chose Good Friday, one day in the year. Her housework was always something to hate. We are talking of the fifties, after the war and  dad would take me to see his old haunts in the City of London where he worked as a messenger boy for Lloyds Insurance company in his first job. It was a walk around the narrow alleys of the City with its twists and turns. We would have liked to have visited a museum, even an art gallery, but it was Good Friday and everything was closed. They are memories of dad and me I still treasure: two lonely East Enders in the empty City of London. I must have been about ten years old.

We returned home hoping that mum had finished her tasks and that her bad temper had thinned out.

My Good Friday today will be nothing special, just the usual. Mr. Swiss asked if I have a lot of cooking to do, but I told him it will be just fish today with a sauce on top (one of those frozen items that our supermarket sells).

New glasses

I also got a notification from the optician that my new eye glasses were ready and as their shop was in the mall where I shop I naturally picked them up. This is about my tenth try for a selfie and I still look like an escaped prisoner. All I need is the number hanging around my neck. It is the best I could do. There are far too many details on this early morning photo. I am quite pleased with the glasses, and I can now read the small print. Ok I no longer have my film star allure, but golden oldies are no longer as fresh as the daisy we used to be.

So now I am off to take it easy. No more shopping, no more planning, just doing what I want to do and when I want to do it. I am fed up with these people, especially in Facebook, that always come with the same saying “Life is good”. It is only good when you do not have holidays interrupting with your daily “good” life which tends to ruin it.

In spite of my anti holiday Christmas/Easter grinch moods, I will now lay back and watch the grass grow. Have a good Easter those that believe and celebrate (I do neither) and see you around now and again.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I don’t really celebrate Easter but I did spend the day doing some baking. I rarely bake a lot, but my sister is visiting tomorrow and had requested homemade hot cross buns and cake so I obliged. I enjoyed the day, beautiful autumn weather. As your apple tree blossoms, the leaves on mine are turning yellow and falling. I did my laundry, baked and changed the sheets on my bed. Between times I had time to read a few blog posts and sit in the garden with a coffee for a while. My dinner was also something frozen from the supermarket, tuna, pasta bake. I didn’t feel like cooking after all that baking.

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    • Hot Cross buns, one of the delights of the British Easter. It must be decades since I ate one.strange how our seasons are completely opposite. We are now enjoying Spring and you are celebrating the Autumn colours. I had the pleasure of ironing my duvet and cushion covers this morning. And now it’s dinner time

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  2. Good Morning!
    I will be taking the day off; not only because it is Good Friday, but also because I am so behind schedule and exhausted. I will probably sleep through part of the day. Mass is scheduled late, so that I really could work if I wanted to . . . but I really do not want to. For me, it is odd to work at a ‘Christian’ conference center where almost everyone is protestant. The traditions are so diluted.
    You know, I don’t mean to get off topic, but it seems to me that Jews, Muslims and even Atheists ‘generally’ have more respect for Catholicism than Protestants do.
    Anyway, I will try to catch up with all today.

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    • I would have been Church of England, but lost my faith many years ago. Mr. Swiss is Swiss reform church, but only attends at weddings and funerals. I just like to be tolerant of all religions. I lived with a muslim family for two years and grew up in an area of London with a large jewish population.

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  3. I think we all look like “most wanted” in selfies unless we are 16. Which, sadly, we aren’t unless it’s 16 X 5. The magnolia is beautiful. And our weather has been beautiful for two days and really warm (but gray) on the third day. Nobody invited us anywhere for Easter or Passover and thus, we get to eat what we want. Phew. Saved!

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    • A good description of a selfie and too many unwanted details. The magnolias are still blossoming. We have had really good sunny warm Spring weather. Inreguse to make invitations for Easter and i do not want any.. I said to Mr. Swiss yesterday how wonderful not to have to go anywhere and do something


  4. Your apple blossom is beautiful, but you ARE the star. I’m so happy to see the face of the person I read and no more wondering what you look like. Great glasses for those eyes that don’t miss a trick.

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    • Thanks for the compliment,. It was my fourth attempt at a selfie and I eventually gave up. I felt like the stepmother in Snowwhite with her mirror, mirror on the wall, but mine didn’t answer


      • Haha. I’d say you crack me up, but in the context that could be misconstrued. My husband and I worked at self, enduring our children’s scorn until we got a reasonable hang of it. Lone selfies are much harder I think, so perhaps I’ll start a new craze. Hmm. Partsies, where part of you is there – tip of a finger, stray strand of hair, I can do chin quite easily … That’s it! Chinsies and nosies. I’m on to it.

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        • It’s just the little details that I like to hide, but cannot be hidden by a selfie. Now I know why film starts never do selfies. Their image would be ruined. Nosies? I can try as much as possible, but when you have a king sized nose it can get very difficult. My nose is the centre point of all my photos, selfie or not.


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