RDP Thursday: Compromise

Car Park for handicapped

I am too old to go in for a compromise. I am growing hair on my teeth. I believe you can say that in English as well as in German. So here are the parking spaces reserved for those like me (see my car on the right with the wheelchair sign). I was a little doubtful today that my shopping expedition would go a little wrong as it is the last day of shopping before Easter and I was almost right.

As I approached the store I saw there were at least 70 spaces still free for parking – oh joy. But this was not to be, as every single space for the handicapped had a car on it, although they did not have the permit in the car. I had no choice but parked on the next space which was actually reserved for deliveries to the electronic department of the store with a big X on it.  Lo and behold there was a guy standing there dressed in his orange coat, wearing a cap and looking very parking attendant official. He immediately came to me in my car and said I should drive further down the road and park. I had lowered  my window so that I could speak with him in a clear voice. As this “down the road” meant parking on a lower floor. I told him to forget it. He was quite surprised at my reaction and explained that he knew that a few spaces reserved for the handicapped had been occupied by non-handicapped but there was nothing he could do. I told him there was nothing I could do about it either and parked my car. He suddenly disappeared.

The funny thing was I had a short business in the electronics department and told the guy that served me that I was on his delivery park place. He laughed and found no problem. Everyone parks there now and again and there was nothing he could do about it. By the way there were no compromises in the electronics. My Philips electronic toothbrush had given up the ghost, although the guarantee was still valid. I had brought my toothbrush with the original accessories and it was exchanged for a new one without any objection. I even got Forty Swiss Francs back on the new one because they had altered the model.

I am drifting and so my car stayed where it was, I did not get a fine, because it seems no-one fines anyone at our store.

I decided there is an age limit on compromise. One of the advantages of being a golden oldie.

RDP Thursday: Compromise

12 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Compromise

  1. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, ‘The Handicap Spot’. Was expecting you to write that by the time you’d come back from shopping, a troop of unhappy shoppers/parkers had led a riot to destroy the cars in the space designated for wheelchairs, etc. 🙂

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  2. If they can’t do anything about anything, why do they bother with the signs? Nice you got an upgraded toothbrush. Garry’s died too, but it was long past the warranty date. He had to buy a new one. Or, more to the point, I had to buy one. For him.

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    • Mr. Swiss is astonished how independent I am becoming. I have a file with all the guarantee certificates. Each one is marked with the expiry date so I have it all under control.


  3. I don’t know why I stopped for this one. There are no flowers. It seemed like it would be something I would identify with.
    In Santa Cruz, there are parking spaces for those annoying dinky ‘Smart’ cars. It is so discriminatory against those of us who drive normal sized cars. The little Blazer that I drive now is probably the smallest car I have ever owned, but if I park in one of those narrow spaces, I can not get out of the car unless I go through the back window. I normally drive either a full sized Ford or Chevrolet pickup up, or Buick sedan. Now, my former Buick happened to be one of the longest of the common cars ever made, so I do not expect society to accommodate it. I mean, if curbside spaces are not long enough, well, that is my problem. That is a liability I accepted when I chose to drive such a car. However, even if I could afford a ‘Smart’ car, I would not want one. They are seriously dangerous, and can not do what I need a car to do. I should be able to drive a ‘normal’ car, and park it about town. If there are parking spaces for tiny cars, then there should be parking spaced for normal and large cars too, and tiny cars should not be allowed to park in them.

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    • The Smart was actually developed by a guy that develo ped the Swatch watches, quite near us, but the production was in Germany. People with handicaps need much larger spaces than others for their wheelchairs and general mobility. I am glad for my wider spaces. Otherwise the spaces for cars here are normed.

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      • ‘Normal’ is probably different there than it used to be here. Something I notice in pictures of Europe is the preponderance of small cars, and the absence of what I would consider to be mid sized cars. My Electra was 21 feet long and quite wide. My Suburban and F250 were almost as long, and quite tall.

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