RDP Wednesday: Busy


Busy seems to be my new occupation. I used to work, a job, I got paid for. One day I was retired and no longer had to work. I soon discovered that this was a false idea. The family still had to be fed and so the daily work continued, perhaps with a difference. I was not getting paid for it, it was a duty of love.

And so this has been life for the past 10 years. We are getting older, no longer as fit as we were.

And the holidays, the part of life that the working population enjoy: an escape from the daily organisation of work and private life. It is all humbug. Unless you are wealthy, have servants to share the daily chores, you have to do it yourself.

This week is the Easter week, all based on the scriptures of course, but that does not make it easier. I wrote a plan, a master work of logistic, with the daily itinerary of shopping and it worked. Admitted when I arrived home from the shopping orgy I was worn out, but it works. Today is Wednesday and I have all the shopping until next Tuesday lunchtime. Tomorrow is what we call “green Thursday” the day before Good Friday, although I have not yet discovered what is good about it.

This green Thursday is the worst day of all. It is the last chance to make sure you will not starve until next week because the shops are closed. You can, of course, go shopping on Saturday, but that borders on buying suicide: the shops are full of people, the parking spaces all occupied and the shelves empty themselves and you are left with the goods that no-one wanted, the remainders.

And so I have survived without the Saturday participation of this event. We will be living from meat that keeps fresh, something smoked like ham. There will be a reserve of frozen bread and vegetables will either be in a can or something that lives fresh for a week.

It is all a matter of planning and logistics.

RDP Wednesday: Busy

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