Good Morning

Front Garden

No super sunrise this morning. I was up a little later and it rained during the night leaving my front garden a little damp, but freshened up. It needed a little moisture I am sure. Wednesday I have no special chores to deal with: clean windows, clean shower and bathroom were all dealt with yesterday. My car even has nice new shiny summer tyres since my excursion to the garage yesterday. All I have to do now is clean myself, but after my breakfast and morning blog.


I do not really have a lot to report at the moment. Life goes on with the Spring awakening and my tulips are now beginning to lose their petals. Life passes on too quckly sometimes.

There was an announcement in the Swiss local news that we are now the proud possessor in 54 towns and villages with the new and wonderful modern, fast, 5g network. I mentioned this to Mr. Swiss and he found “big deal” but said he does not want it and there are many places where it has been banned. Yes we Swiss do not clap and nod our heads at every new development. We think it over, why repair it when it is not broken. Mr. Swiss says it is so a big step in the new direction and no-one really knows what the outcome will be. Nothing has changed at home so far. When my vacuum cleaner and mop ask me in the morning “what can we do today to improve your life style” I will probably pull out the plug on my computer. It is all a little eerie.

I even have an electric toothbrush that is now talking to me. It is a Philips model still under guarantee. After a year or so they tend to give up. I give it back to the store with the guarantee and as they cannot be repaired I usually get a new one: also a good idea. This time my toothbrush completely on its own, is making a noise now and again as if it wants to tell me something, like use me. It is really uncanny. I had it on the bedside table last night and every couple of hours it was calling with a buzzing tone. It is now on the table next to my computer. Perhaps it has been infected by a poltergeist.


I must say I have never had such a wonderful chive plant this year. The gardener planted it in my raised bed and it keeps growing and growing, even throughout the Winter. I like to snip it with the scissors into my salad sauces, or as a garniture to a dish of food.

Today I am off shopping again for this wonderful holiday, full of stress, called Easter. I still have some bits and pieces (many) to buy and now it seems that there are only one or two bottles of cola and mineral water (the fizzy kind) left, so that is now on the list. I love dragging heavey 6 packs (the largest size bottles) home from shopping. Today I will get as much as possible and tomorrow there will just be the rest. I can then stay at home until nest Tuesday when I will have to put in an extra shopping tour in the afternoon to fill up again.


Our amalanchier tree is now flowering on the meadow opposite. This tree has so many different names I decided to stick to the latin version. Some call it shadbush, or serviceberry and I only knew the German name of Felsenbirne. It is quite a good tree to block the sight from the block opposite and keep a bit of a private area.

And now to go on to other fields, like the shower and the apartment. Make the most of the day and I hope your shopping expeditions for our wonderful stress holiday called Easter are successful. We might fall asleep in the chair afterwards whilst eating our Easter eggs but we have a good feeling that we now have it behind us for another year.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such a wonderful morning to report !!! I am like Mr. Swiss … I do not see the point of the computer upgrades, but my niece and nephews say if played video games then I would notice the different and be grateful for the improvements. So I guess there is that. But I do not see the point personally. Have a great day. Tomorrow is garbage pick up here so today will be assembling all the trash, garbage and recyclables and taking them out to the curb. The last two weeks it rained with severe storms coming through on Wed night into Thursday so I could not do this until Thursday morning, but today I will be able to do it normally today and it will wait all night by the curb. Have a great day. SLP

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  2. The chives photo is so pretty–I love capturing raindrops on plants. Oh, do let me know when your appliances start talking. That so made me laugh! But I imagine Tabby would have a snappy comeback for them…. Have a great day, Pat.

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  3. Haha! Do let us know if you get any luck with the vacuum & mop helping hands..we’ll all be queuing up to buy our own! That did make me laugh! Hope the toothbrush starts behaving itself..maybe it’s sending messages to the vacuum & out for a big takeover! Enjoy your Easter eggs! 😁

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  4. All my tests got canceled tomorrow because they needed two veins for two intravenous things and I think they will be lucky to find ONE, much less two … and they are NOT using my throat again. So either they will do the tests without contrast or whatever is wrong with me will stay wrong.

    Spring takes a LONG time around here. I’ve got a few tulips that look hopeful, but no buds yet. Meanwhile, half my rhododendrons seem to have died over the winter, but I got a ton of NEW shoots that look healthy. I should have been out there cutting out the dead stuff, but I couldn’t face all those thorns yet.

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    • Sorry about the cancelled tests. Those veins can be difficult. When they take blood from me, I tell them the ieft arm. They can search a long while in the right arm, but will not find anything.

      I discover every day something new üb ny garden, it is really getting interesting, Yesterday was a nice sunny day and got nice and warm in the afternoon


  5. Serviceberry has some funny names, but that is the weirdest. I refer to it as ‘saskatoon’ because it sound so pretty, and Canadian. We grew it at the farm for a while, but discontinued it because there was such a limited market for it.
    Anyway, I am slowly catching up.


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