Good Morning


I know, it’s really getting boring with my sunrise photos in the morning, but everyday it seems to me that they are even more impressive than the day before.

Anyhow it is almost no longer morning, but in a hour midday. The cleaning lady is here dealing with this and that and I have been busy waiting in telephone queues to deal with a few items.

First of all I phoned the store card centre. I now have a special card for tanking gas where I get points which is OK. I also want to organise direct debit with my account. My car is very economic with its gas. When I wait at a red light the motor stops running. As soon as it gets green and I put my foot on the gas pedal it starts again. It is also not a very thirsty car and I do not go long stretches, so tanking is a thing of two months more or less. I had to order a new form for organising the direct debit as I had written a few wrong numbers in the one they sent me. As soon as the guy on the phone realised I was english originally, he started speaking english with me. Then I called a ophthalmologist for an appointment which was occupied. Eventually I got through to a recording that said all their lines were occupied and I should try later.

In what sort of a world are we living? We have all the modern equipment and it is constantly occupied.

Pigeons 13.04 (2)

Even the pigeons are occupied in a talk with each other. I think the one of the right was quite keen to get to know the lady judging by the way he has puffed up his throat feathers

And now I am off again. This was just a short visit to let you know I am still alive and kicking. This afternoon I am off to the garage to change to my summer tyres so I hope it will no longer snow. Stay safe, enjoy the day and I will see you later.

Maule's quince 13.04.2019

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your life reminds me of mine! I seem to spend half my waking hours on the phone with nurses, doctors, and hospital schedulers. I am hoping before this month ends, I’ll be having an easier time.

    Your sunrises are delightful. Actually, though, I’m very impressed with your pigeons. Great shots!

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    • My life is one big organisation. Things have changed a lot for me. Our together days are no longer as they were. It is a constant battle for me to find “me” time. Mr. Swiss helps where he can, but age has caught up on him. We used to plan so much together, but that is now in the past. Our walks together, shopping together are no longer and we both miss them. Dealing with my tyre change yesterday at the garage was a typical example, although when I had to go there a second time to bring a few things in order that they had messed about with, he insisted on coming with me. I was glad.

      No sunrise this morning, it rained during the night. Our pigeons now seem to have only one thing in mind, other pigeons of the opposite sex. I love to see how they strut around all puffed up..


    • Yes it is, 100% correct. I did not know what it was, there are a few growing around here so I had a look on my app and it said that it is a quince, although not the edible kind, only to look at probably.

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      • Some cultivars can make a few weirdly spongy fruits that are not good for much. When I started writing, I read an article about how someone tried to make jelly with the fruit of flowering quince, and just got a weird syrup. I had to explain that they are not the same thing. I still have a copy of a quince tree that I grew up with. I really like the fruit, but the bloom is not much to brag about.

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