Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

HESO 30.09 (7)

“Ziel” would mean goal in this context, but I am not sure if this pig was convinced that he had completed the race.

Ornaments 23.10 (2)

Approaching our town of Solothurn you an see how many places are available in the three parking silos.

Hauptgasse flower shop 05.12.2018

In front of the house where Casanova was said to have spent the night with a lady from our town, there was a sign advertising Christmas trees, candles and decorations for St. Nicholas Day (6th December).

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

FOWC with Fandango: Prime


Like a rose I was in my prime
Awake and full of life
My hair was dark, my eyes were bright
I was the ideal wife
But we have grown old together
and for him I am still young and fit
We both now walk with a cane
But have still got our ready wit
He looks as he did when we married
So do I in his welcome eyes
We still walk hand in hand
Every day still holds a surprise
It was 50 years ago
The wedding bells no longer chime
We havn’t changed at all
Because we are still in our prime

FOWC with Fandango: Prime

RDP Tuesday: Drop


At the end of last year I bought myself a car. OK, no big deal, but circumstances dropped the surprise on me. It was not a super excellent deluxe model, just something to go shopping with, but functional. Of course everything was explained, although you do get a book, which is something like encyclopaedia Britannica to read and understand. The salesman organised my car for me, just how I wanted it. A screen to see my speed in digits instead of reading a dial which is very important to me.

So today I took my car to the garage where it got its summer tyres mounted. The winter tyres are now stocked in the garage until next winter.

And so after half an hour it was finished and I drove home, but the speed was not showing on the window, I only had the dial to read. And so back to the garage to tell them to fix it as it was. The lady showed me how to do it. Of course I felt like a fool, but I am just too old for these modern gimmicks. We got home and got out of the car. One of the new developments is that you no longer use a key to shut the car. You just place your hand on the door, it clicks and locks. It works in the opposite direction when you want to open the car. Of course the experienced drivers know all this, but this is my first contact  with modern cars. I would add even Mr. Swiss is not really into modern driving, although as a man he understands it better than me.

So we left the car I placed my hand on the door and ….. nothing. It did not lock. After checking if all the doors were closed it still did not work. Oh no, back to the garage. It was when I wanted to get ready to go I realised that I did not have the car key in my pocket. If you do not have the car key, it cannot send its signal to tell the car to open or shut the door. Back to the car with a torch to see if it had dropped out of my pocket in the car. Of course not. The clever lady at the garage that showed me how to operate the instructive screens needed my key and when she was finished just dropped it in the container next to the controls inside the car and there it was.  You cannot lock the car if the key is inside.

Now everything is under control. Needless to say I had a few exciting moments this afternoon. I was actually going to drop my blog today for lack of time, but I suppose I had to write it out of my system. Why do these cars have to be so complicated and why are the descriptions so complicated? And to add to my misery, it is all in the german language.

RDP Tuesday: Drop

Good Morning


I know, it’s really getting boring with my sunrise photos in the morning, but everyday it seems to me that they are even more impressive than the day before.

Anyhow it is almost no longer morning, but in a hour midday. The cleaning lady is here dealing with this and that and I have been busy waiting in telephone queues to deal with a few items.

First of all I phoned the store card centre. I now have a special card for tanking gas where I get points which is OK. I also want to organise direct debit with my account. My car is very economic with its gas. When I wait at a red light the motor stops running. As soon as it gets green and I put my foot on the gas pedal it starts again. It is also not a very thirsty car and I do not go long stretches, so tanking is a thing of two months more or less. I had to order a new form for organising the direct debit as I had written a few wrong numbers in the one they sent me. As soon as the guy on the phone realised I was english originally, he started speaking english with me. Then I called a ophthalmologist for an appointment which was occupied. Eventually I got through to a recording that said all their lines were occupied and I should try later.

In what sort of a world are we living? We have all the modern equipment and it is constantly occupied.

Pigeons 13.04 (2)

Even the pigeons are occupied in a talk with each other. I think the one of the right was quite keen to get to know the lady judging by the way he has puffed up his throat feathers

And now I am off again. This was just a short visit to let you know I am still alive and kicking. This afternoon I am off to the garage to change to my summer tyres so I hope it will no longer snow. Stay safe, enjoy the day and I will see you later.

Maule's quince 13.04.2019