RDP Monday: Wait

Dogs waiting at supermarket entrance

The owner had to go into the supermarket where dogs are not allowed. They were patiently waiting at the entrance, although one of them fell asleep.

We all play the waiting game. I love the telephone calls that you make for help and advice. “Our telephones are all occupied at the moment, please be patient” and in the background you hear the same monotonous music being played continuously. Hope arises when it all stops, only to hear the voice again telling you to be patient. This can continue for half an hour.

The Skeleton
This guy is still waiting.

RDP Monday: Wait

6 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Wait

  1. I love the voice recordings that say, “Your call is important to us…..” as I am on hold…..I wait no longer than 10 minutes then hang up. Yes, I can tell how important I must be….

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    • When my dad passed away in England I had to make many calls to England to deal with various deatails. It was a constant waiting game and cost money for long distance calls


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