RDP Sunday: Picture

Crow 13.04 (1)

I know, I am taking pictures all the time. I never go anywhere without a camera, although since I am now at the steering wheel of the car I can no longer take my pictures from the passenger seat. I have committed the sin of taking photos when I am waiting at a red light, but I am not getting any younger, so avoid it when I can.

We are surrounded by crows where I live. Their caws are an accompanying tune to my daily life. Now is nesting time, although I have never seen any nests here because the trees are too tall. However On my trips to town lately I notice that there is a colony next to the river and the trees are full of their nests.

Crows and nests 13.04 (4)

They do not often actually sit in the nests, but on a near branch.

Yesterday I went for a wheelie in my chair and had the delight of being able to take photos of a crow close-up. They usually fly away at a certain distance, but this particular crow seemed to be on a quest. He was strutting around with his head bent low and suddenly success..

Crow 13.04 (5)

He/she found what it was looking for and had discovered a piece of bread in the meadow. I am reading everywhere we should not feed the birds with bread. I usually put some bread rests out in Winter for the crows, but this piece of bread was in a lonely meadow, and that is out of human control.

The problem of taking photos of crows is that they are so black and the camera does not always give them the credit they deserve with their individual feathers. Since getting my new camera a couple of months ago the quality of my black photos has improved and in the right light I get some good pictures.

Crow 13.04 (6)

I stayed a while and from my position in my chair I manage to get a few good close-ups of my crow, even with feather coat details. They do seem to be scavangers and I do not think they are bothered what they have in their beaks as long as it is edible. This morning I even had one of the big black birds in my garden.  It was strutting around, a big one, but I did not have my camera handy an was still in my nightdress. Half an hour later I saw him/her again with a king sized worm hanging from its beak. It was a succesful quest it seems and afterwards it flew away. There were probably a few hungry mouths waiting for dinner in the nest.

This was a great experience for me and the camera and in the 20 years I have been living amongst the crows, it was the first time I had managed to get so close. Of course the photos are with the zoom lens, but even then the closer you get, the better.

Crow 19.02.2019

RDP Sunday: Picture

12 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Picture

  1. Until I got MY zoom lens, I had NO idea how great you could make the closeups look! It was — to me — astonishing that a single lens could make such a huge difference, but it has. I love that last shot. It looks like some kind of hawk, but nothing like any of ours.

    I never go anywhere without a camera either, but it has been so gray and dull outside, if it weren’t for the birds, I’d not have shot anything. Oh, I did a portrait of Garry this morning and it came out pretty well, so he is happy. I keep telling him: SMILE!!

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    • I now have a lens of up to 300 so one lens does it all for me.The, even. last shot is a crow as it flew away. I am quite limited on shots from home and am glad to be able to go places now and again, even if only in the wheelchair


  2. Oh gosh! your photos are great. I know exactly what you mean about the detail – I have that trouble with reds and flowers. Still working on it, but your feathers and that flight shot are enviable.

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