Good Morning


Another wonderful sunrise this morning, although I was thinking to post something else this morning, even sunrises can get boring but I had a surprise. I opened the window to stick my nose outside and saw snow flocks: just very gentle and sparse, but they were falling one after the other. In the background I had the rising sun. Was this a fluke of nature? I must admit there is a nip in the air in the morning. I checked on my Swiss SRF Meteo forecast on my mobile and indeed I was told that Winter returns today. After 5 minutes the spook had already finished here, but it might return – who knows.

Horses 13.04 (1)

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair into town yesterday afternoon and waved hello to the horses on the neighbouring farm as I went on my way along the side of the local railway tracks. Saturday is always a good day to go to town as things happen that do not usually happen during the week.

Plane 13.04 (1)

On the way I heard the sound of a plane flying overhead and just managed to fix it with my camera lens as it was about to fly behind the cathedral tower with the public sightseeing gallery outside. It seeme to be a local plane and not one of the big ones that go to other countries.

Bubbles 13.04 (6)

When I arrived in town I was not disappointed. There was a lady with one of those bubble producing apparatus. Always something different on Saturday, so I was not disappointed.

Fancy Dress in town 13.04 (7)

As I wheeled on further and turned a corner, I noticed another surprise. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were visiting our town of Solothurn. Of course I had to take a photo. On the right is a restaurant with tables and chairs outside and I noticed there were a group of people there all dressed as Walt Disney characters. I think someone has married and was holding the reception in the restaurant.

Pigeons 13.04 (3)

After half an hour in town I decided to wheel back home along the river bank. As I passed the river wall in town I notice quite a gathering of pigeons. I am not an expert, but I think it is the males that puff out their chests and do a sort of throaty sound ceremony for the pleasure of the ladies. The feathers are also quite colourful. They then began to chase the ladies on the ground but not all the females were willing. I felt sorry for this one, just as he was ready to show how willing he was, the lady flew off. You can see the tip of her wing as she was departing.

Ducks 13.04 (5)

Ducks and swans were also floating on the river mostly in pairs. Somewhere there must be a few hatching eggs in the nests. Each time I wheel along the river bank I see a duck that I have ever seen before. I think I must buy a duck book or upload an app. This one was sitting on a stone keeping an eye on his other half who was having a swim.

I soon turned the corner and wheeled up the path to our estate. I was surprised, I must have been speeding as I was only away for one and half hours, usually it is two. Mr. Swiss was pleased to see me again although we did have a few words about my mud splashed wheelchair. I told him the mud is now about two weeks old. I was surprised he only just noticed it. I supposed I should take it through the car wash, although the seats will probably get wet as well as the motor.

It was a pleasant afternoon again and I might risk it this afternoon to see what the local geese and goats are doing. I could also include a few cows if they are out on the pastures.

I am now on my way to begin cooking lunch. I can then let the meat cook slowly through the morning. Today it is veal breast cutlets with pasta served with a garniture of veg. Sounds showy, but does not give a lot to do.

Have a good Sunday, enjoy, and here is a photo of some periwinkle I saw growing in the neighbours front garden. They seem to be growing wild, because I know he did not plant them.

Herbaceous Periwinkel 13.04.2019

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • As soon as I saw her with her bubbling I knew it would get some good photos, so I stopped a while and took a few. I never realised how the love life of a pigeon is. I asked Mr. Swiss when I got home, and he said that it was typical for a male piegeon to make himself look important for the ladies.


  1. We have a blizzard in our midwest that will probably completely melt by tomorrow afternoon. It’s one of the (used to be) very rare spring blizzards. They show up in April. One day it’s shirt sleeve warm. The next day, you get two feet of heavy, wet snow. The NEXT day, it’s back to shirtsleeve warm and everyone’s basement is flooded.

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  2. Those are the CREEPIEST Mickey and Minnie Mouse I have ever seen! I was terrified of those sorts of costumes when I was a kid, and I am still none too keen on them now! They are what bad dreams are made of!
    Anyway, Good Morning. . . . . oops. That was yesterday. This is the one I missed.

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