Good Morning


Another beautiful sunrise this morning as I opened the window. I just had to balance with my mobile phone camera in hand to take a photo. These views do not last long, the sun goes on its daily walk around the earth and the day begins. I also heard a dove cooing and even found him in one of the trees in the photo, but with a phone camera you cannot get such details.

Yesterday was a stress afternoon from 3-6 in the evening, combining week-end shopping with my memorable visit to the opticians which was OK with a problem. My sight is naturally not better after my last visit (9 years ago) and I had an eye test for new glasses. However. I will have to visit an ophthalmologist to see if there is anything going on behind the eye or otherwise. I need new glasses now, but I have a very good solution. To see an eye doc (ophthalmologist is such a complicated word) I will have to wait a couple of months, as is the problem with most such specialists here. In the meanwhile I will get my new glasses. For a small increase in price I get an insurance meaning that if I have to have new lens afterwards the optician will do it free of charge. I really did not want to wait so long for new glasses.


Opticians are also no longer what they were with their new improved advanced instruments. So you sit on chair and stare at letters on a screen and asked which is better, this picture or the other: a line of letters and to be quite honest it was all one blur to me. Afterwards I get to choose the frames for my new eye glasses. They have a system in our opticians that pro year of your age you get 10% less to pay for the frames: being an ongoing 73 year old golden oldie, that is quite a reduction. The frames are the cheapest part of the cost, but the lens???? Exactly. I now wait for up to 10 days for my new glasses.

Choosing the frames was not so easy as I had to remove my glasses to see what they looked like in the mirror, although I got a hand mirror for a better close up. I was confronted with hundreds of frames from Gucci to Dior via Carrera, but I settled for something Japanese which I quite liked. I took a quick photo to show Mr. Swiss when I got home. I like my glasses to sit comfortable, have a light weight and a good size. Also I like a bit of colour in the frame. Photo follows when I get them.

Ducks 11.04 (11)

I had quite a duck show on my last trip along the River. I am sure she wanted to gain my attention with the camera.

And now to move on, time waits for no-one and I have a few bits and pieces to deal with in the home like a general tidy up of yesterday evening. This afternoon I will be off again exploring the local surroundings.

I wish you all a good start to the week-end and may it be a good one. I will leave you with some cowslips I saw on our estate as I was wheeling home from my last trip. I think that is what they are.

Primroses 11.04.2019

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Lovely morning photo of sunrise. Also nice photo of daffodils. Spring is progressing for you. We finally have cherry trees on our street blooming … that means now there is no going back on spring, although it could get cold again, but if so it will be only briefly. Wamest wishes for the weekend. SLP

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  2. I think sunrise lasts longer depending on the month. Mid-summer seems to give me the most time … almost half an hour. But in other months, it’s gone before you have a chance to focus the camera. Lovely morning and for the moment, we have sunshine too. I don’t know for how long, but it’s nice to have some for a little while!

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    • If we get a sunny day, which we have at the moment, I always see the sun rising when I get up in the morning. You have to be there at the right moment as the sun does not wait for the camera.


  3. Good Morning. I don’t know how I missed this one.
    I believe they are cowslip too, but because we do not grow them here, I really do not know. I know them only as a species of Primula.

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