5 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Fire

  1. During one of our bad fire seasons, I could see plumes of three different forest fires around my home. The biggest was quite some distance to the North. Two smaller fires were closer to the East and West. The only one missing was a fire to the South, but it would have been out in Monterey Bay.

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      • Forests there are less combustible, and have been managed more efficiently for a very long time. Ours are not only adapted to burn every few decades, but have been managed so badly that they are more combustible than they would be naturally. Some areas have been deprived of fire (because people live there now), but have not been harvested either. Our region, which is not normally very combustible became much more combustible by the harvest of the redwood, in conjunction with the lack of harvest of the much more combustible secondary trees that dominated afterward.

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