RDP Friday: Cyclone

Storm Clouds

I was today’s cyclone without a doubt, it was a marvel of logistic, timing, driving off at 3.00 in the afternoon to the supermarket, finding a parking place and taking the lift to the lower floor on a mission for Mr. Swiss having  to go to the drug store, completing that part of the quest and  moving on to the grocery department with the task of finding the veg, meat and other sundries. completing my list, striking the items that I had in the trolley,  pushing the trolley to the car, loading five bags full into the boot, locking  the car, walking to the opticians which was situated in the same mall, having an eye test trying to decipher the various letters on the screen, choosing my new frames for my glasses not seeing anything because you have to remove your own glasses to try different frames, making a choice and now completing my quest so back to the car and driving home,  luckily no heavy traffic on the road, arriving home, changing into my home clothes and leaving Mr. Swiss and my son to unpack the shopping, which did not work so I joined in and sorted it all,  heating up the oven for the evening meal, now sitting at the computer, later than usual, with my RDP prompt and a few others and  saving time this morning having half an hour before lunch, doing a challenge in between, watering the garden. Mr. Swiss passing a compliment that I bought everything and did not forget anything, although, if it is on the list I get it, finishing  now although cyclones live for 3-7 days, so who knows what will appear on the cyclonic horizon tomorrow, this piece having no paragraphs, just a few commas.

RDP Friday: Cyclone

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Cyclone

    • I had a stress afternoon with the week-end shopping and afterwards the opticians. Got home did the evening meal for all and now am just finished on the computer. I just have to write something, otherwise I feel there is something missing, hence my written comma piece.

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  1. Is there a COOP in your town? When we visited Zurich a few years ago we enjoyed going there. Also we went to Chur and there was a different type of COOP there at the train station .. it had food but it also had clothing and household items. The household items, particularly the kitchen items, we just find so fascinating because here in USA everything is Made in China … but there, the brands were from Sweden, Finland, Spain, it was so different and the quality was so much nicer. We usually bring all these little kitchen and household trinkets back when we go to Europe as our souvenirs of our trip, it drive the customs people at the airport crazy because it is all little things but they are so cool. We can go to Ikea here but they only have so much, and there is a lot more available in Europe from other countries. We like that. SLP

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