Good Morning


Getting up on time and not hugging the bed really makes all the difference to the sunrise photos. You get a bit of colour and dynamic in the event. It looks like it will be a good one today. Yesterday was overcast and when I went for my wheelie in the chair in the afternoon I was missing my gloves, and that in April.

Flowering Trees Baselstrasse 11.04.2019

The first thing that attracted my attention were the two flowering trees on the opposite side of the road in the garden of the villa. No-one really lives in this big house, an it is mainly used for concerts or exhibitions, but it is well kept. And so I moved on. Suddenly I felt a rather heavy bump on my wheelchair. I was in the pedestrian lane as always next to the bicycle path and a small boy bumped into my chair on his bike. His mother was accompanying him and told him to be more careful. I remarked as long as my wheelchair is not damaged. I drove on and everything seemed to be OK. She had a few other children with her. You cannot be too careful when on the move.

Parking cars Estate 11.04.2019

I also had a check to see if my car was still outside (the one at the end on the right in the photo). We had to park outside because our parking hall was being cleaned so I grabbed my place in the evening where there was still plenty of room. These spaces are usually reserved for visitors. When I returned from my wheelie about one and half hours later Mr. Swiss said he would go and have a look if the garage was now finished. I had already changed into my home clothes. When he returned he said that the garage was now free. And so I put on my respectable clothing again, took my walker and parked it in the garage. Afterwards I had to walk a distance with just my stick to the car outside, but I survived and drove it back into the garage. At least it was dealt with and life could continue as always.

Horses 11.04 (2)

I waved a hello to the horses in the farm next door on my way to town, but they ignored m. They were too busy grazing. This farmer also has a shed full of cows.

Cleaned tunnel 11.04.2019

As I entered the tunnel to cross the road to town in my chair I noticed that the local authorities had been busy with their spring cleaning. Not only has our private garage had a cleaning shower, but the tunnel into town had also been cleaned.

Museum Park 11.04 (2)

I also noticed that the pond in our museum park had now been filled again with water. It is empty during the Winter as the water could freeze in the pipes, but now it is sprouting. Slowly the town is wearing its good weather dress again.

Magnolia 11.04 (6)

The magnolia trees are still flowering, but now slowly going to their end and they are losing their petals.  I had been watching them for a few weeks and it seems their flowers are now dwindling and soon it will again be a past event until next year, I was mainly on a quest for a few challenge photos for the week, which I found, so you can see more on another blogging occasion.

I had quite a heavy schedule when I got home writing a few blogs and uploading the 80 photos I took,  as well as fitting the evening meal in between. Sometimes retired life is more work than when I was a working lady, and I do not even get paid for it – a work of love I suppose.

Today is weekend shopping in the afternoon and then a visit to the opticians which is also in mall where the supermarket is, so I have managed to reduce the stress. It is many years since I had my eyes tested, but I am looking forward to getting new eye glasses eventually, although that is not a cheap occasion. The frames are reasonable, but the testing and manufacture of the new lens is not. I also got a heavy bill from the sickness insurance yesterday for my MS medicine. Luckily I only pay 10%, the insurance pays the rest, but the medicine I inject with the specially prepared one-time use injections is not cheap.

And now to move on with all the trimmings of daily life. Enjoy the forget-me-nots in my garden. They are perennials, Caucasus forget-me-nots and arrive annually since at least 15 years.

Forget My nots 11.04.2019

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Very nice morning in your town. All the flowers blooming. Makes it wonderful to be alive. I have been taking plants out onto the back porch to let them condition prior to going outisde. We still have a couple of days of chilly nights here, so everything is not going all the way out not just yet. Have a great weekend. SLP

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    • It’s a wonderful time of the year at the moment. Everything is flowering for Spring. It is still a bit chilly, but warms up in the afternoon. This morning I even had to give the garden some water.


  2. Good Morning. Our forget-me-nots are blooming too. They are somewhat naturalized here, but are not really invasive. I really like the color because there is not much blue. They are the state flower of Alaska! Anyway, I am going to a ‘writers’ conference’, which is right here at the conference center where I work. It does not cost anything for me to attend because I work here. It is amusing to be at such events and hear other guests rave about the landscape and flowers. It is not as colorful as it was last year, but some of the flowering cherries are still in bloom. There are a few azaleas and camellias too.

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    • Have fun at your conference, I am sure it will be interesting. The forget-me-nots I have are the so-called Caucasus sort which are perennials. My sister-in-law gave them to me and they are a little invasive, but not so bad. They are a great colour show in the garden.

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      • I am at the conference now, which is why I am late at getting to my messages. It is tiring. I did not have high expectations coming to the event. I have been writing my gardening column for twenty years. It is fun and all, but does not involve much that I have not already done.

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  3. You give me hope of springtime to come. It’s another gray day here. Chilly, damp, rain expected. But at least we aren’t under a few feet of snow as they are in many places just north of here! We are supposed to get some really warm weather this weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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