7 thoughts on “FOTD 11th April 2019: Sunflower

  1. I learned about sunflowers from my maternal grandmother, who was an Okie when she was a kid. When I was very young, she grew one (each year) near the porch, where she could see it from the kitchen. It faced east in the morning, and followed the sun through the day. As the sun went over the eaves of the house, the sunflower sort of nodded to the west, as if it really wanted to follow the sun, but could not see it. In the morning, it would face east east and start the process over again. Anyway, it was supposed to be able to predict the weather. If the bracts around the flower were flared out, it was humid, and might rain. If the bracts were limp or folded back, rain was less likely. Of course, this did not help much in California, where the humidity is minimal most of the time.

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    • And where the sun always shines. I have had sunflowers in the garden but as the sun is always shining in the same place, they always have their faces turned away. We have a sunflower oil production in our area and the sunflower fields are really spectacular

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