FOWC with Fandango: Pontificate

Amthaus 1, Solothurn

This is the first year that I am laying down the rules and regulations for paying our Swiss taxes. In the 50 years of our marriage, tax forms have come and gone and I left the expert to complete it. A couple of years ago he who will not be mentioned, decided we must now have a tax advisor. Many Swiss have them because the tax forms are not getting easier, and as you get older, they are downright complicated. This was becoming our situation as we are now golden oldies. We have a good guy that does it for us, but he does not do everything.

He can only complete the task if he is fed with the backup documents, which he who will not be mentioned always did. The years go past, and even this has now changed and it has fallen to me to supply the right information according to the various statistics I receive. I have now organised a file name “Tax” and am collecting the necessary papers. Of course he who will not be mentioned is advising. I understand english, understand German, even Swiss German (my second anguage) but do not understand tax language. Is it me or is it being explained in a way that the person explaining is showing me how good he is at it all? Who knows, just wish me luck. I have time until next year.

FOWC with Fandango: Pontificate

7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Pontificate

  1. I have had the same issues for some time. I collect all the documents through the year in a file labeled “Taxes 20XX,” and add as much as I can to the form my tax man provides. What I don’t understand goes to him without being entered in his form, and I pay extra to have him take care of it!

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    • We can fill out our tax forms online on the computer which Mr. Swiss did for many years. It was just getting a little complicated, especially as we own our appartment and so we now have a guy that does it for us, and he does it very well but he needs the proof and that is what I am now collecting. It is the first time for me. I don’t mind doing it, always ready to learn, but getting the instructions can also be complicated from someone who knows it all.


    • We have someone that does the taxes for us and he does it very well. I collect the information for him, which is new for me as I have to know what to collect.


  2. I do our taxes online and while I am almost 100% sure that I have done everything correctly, I hold my breath until our tax check is deposited in the back. Exhale. Good luck.

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