FOWC with Fandango: Pontificate

Amthaus 1, Solothurn

This is the first year that I am laying down the rules and regulations for paying our Swiss taxes. In the 50 years of our marriage, tax forms have come and gone and I left the expert to complete it. A couple of years ago he who will not be mentioned, decided we must now have a tax advisor. Many Swiss have them because the tax forms are not getting easier, and as you get older, they are downright complicated. This was becoming our situation as we are now golden oldies. We have a good guy that does it for us, but he does not do everything.

He can only complete the task if he is fed with the backup documents, which he who will not be mentioned always did. The years go past, and even this has now changed and it has fallen to me to supply the right information according to the various statistics I receive. I have now organised a file name “Tax” and am collecting the necessary papers. Of course he who will not be mentioned is advising. I understand english, understand German, even Swiss German (my second anguage) but do not understand tax language. Is it me or is it being explained in a way that the person explaining is showing me how good he is at it all? Who knows, just wish me luck. I have time until next year.

FOWC with Fandango: Pontificate

RDP Wednesday: Perspicacious

Today Mr. Swiss praised me and said one thing about me is that I always think ahead and find a solution. I was quite pleased, although when you are housewife, cook, logistic expert, children’s psychiatrist, and sometimes husband advisor, you learn that it is all up to you to find the way. So let us begin at the beginning.


This is our garage in the basement. Everyone has their own space for the car according to if you bought one or not. We bought two spaces. We only have one car, but it makes it easier to park the car. I do not have to be careful of the car parked next to mine, because we have two spaces next to each other between two of the pillars are only occupied by our (now my) car. I also have room for my walker in necessary, and sometimes Mr. Swiss parks his wheelchair there.

It is a well organised garage, and like all well organised places, it has to be cleaned twice a year. This means for a day it must be empty so that the cleaners can remove he oil and other stains from the floor with a hose and water. After the hosing in the morning it is left to dry during the day. Obviously you have to find another place for your car during this time. This will be happening tomorrow. I was not really keen on rising at 7.00 a.m. to remove my car from the garage, so I decided to already park it on one of the visitors parking places next to the garage today.


The blue car in the photo is just leaving our garage. You drive up a ramp and you are on the road to wherever you want to go. Next to this exit/entrance is a vast area with black gravel. It is generally for workers to use to park their trucks. This area can be used for parking your car when the garage is being cleaned, if you find a space, but it generally works. Next to our garage are visitor’s parking spaces: nicely marked and organised.

Today when I returned from my shopping trip I grabbed a visitor’s  parking place for my car which will now remain there until tomorrow evening. That is my solution. The visitor’s spaces are naturally very popular for parking when the garage is out of action, first come first served. And now I have my space. That was when Mr. Swiss realised how lucky he is to have me with my planning talents.

I did have a problem today, because I drove into the garage automatically and then realise I actually wanted to leave my car outside. I again left the garage and parked on the space I intended. Now I had a problem. I had a car full of three bags of shopping and my walker was in the garage. I only had my stick for support so decided to risk it. As I was precariously walking down the path to the garage door a car arrived to enter the garage. This was ideal because now the large garage door opened and I could easily walk into the garage, grab my walker and leave again. I loaded up the three shopping bags on my walker and arrived at the entrance to our block. I had already phoned Mr. Swiss on the way to open the door for me. Yes I know, I am a genius, and logistic wonder. An example of a perspicacious person (whatever it means – never heard of the word before). However if the german word “scharfsinnig” had been used, I would have known immediately what it meant.


Being perspicacious

RDP Wednesday: Perspicacious

Good Morning

Front Garden

What could be better? The sun is shining, I have finished with the morning chores and and am now relaxing on the computer until the next round – cooking lunch. The windows have been cleaned and my cleaning angel is busy  doing the rest. There are days when life can be good.

Yesterday I had a small drama, although it was really my fault for not paying better attention. For some time I have been meaning to have my eyes tested for new eye glasses. One of the lens was loose and yesterday it dropped out and the screw disappeared. I found an old pair of glasses through which I could still somehow focus, got ready and drove off to the opticians. He fixed it in a couple of minutes and now I have an appointment for an eye test and examination on Friday, meaning new eye glasses and I am so glad.


At last my red darwin tulip opened up for me yesterday. It is just a matter of choosing the right time. When the sun is shining and until the end of the afternoon it obliges, otherwise it closes again. This time I took the photo with my mobile phone. Taking it with the Nikon is OK, but I get too much wrong focus and the background is not so clear. I also made an interesting discovery.


I found a second tulip growing in the same row as the other one, also a red one. This was also covered by the bottom of the hedge. I have now cut away the hedge to give it more space to open and so it looks like there will be a second tulip opening ceremony at the week-end.

Me in garden

As I was busy cutting the hedge the paparazzi were busy taking photos. Not exactly a view from my best angle, but it is even possible to work in the garden when you have a walker to lean on. As you can see it is now shorts weather in my area, although I am not really so sure that it is the ideal dress code for a 72 year old golden oldie, but I only wear them at home.

Further to my tulip show, I also have some yellow Darwin tulips that I planted many years ago and still appear every year.


And that is enough of the Angloswiss tulip exhibition for today.

This afternoon I am off shopping again, so I should really get around to making a list. Mr. Swiss has already noted a few items, and I will now be planning the meals.

Time to go, enjoy as much as you can and take it easy. We are already half way through the week. We even have dandelions growing next to the garden in our wild meadow, complete with insects

Dandelion 098.04 (2)