FOWC with Fandango: Cantankerous


Cantankerous was me today, late afternoon. First of all I had to write a piece which took an hour of my time. Time that I would rather have spent on a wheelie in my chair.

At last I could deal with my bloggy stuff and began to write when suddenly the right hand glass dropped out of my glasses Admittedly it had been a little shaky lately, but now it dropped out. After examination I realise there must be a minute, microscopic sized screw somewhere that was holding the frame together on the righthand size. Without glasses I could not find it, so I gave up.

What to do? Without glasses I cannot read, write and worst of all drive the car. I searched and found my last pair of eye glasses and although not exactly perfect I could see. I am an action woman so the next step was climb into the car and drive off to the supermarket where my optician is. In two minutes I was finished  with the repair work and the young man cleaned the glasses, replaced the screw and I was seeing again. I was no longer so cantankerous.

Next Friday afternoon another visit to the optician for an eye test. I really need new eye glasses. It has been almost 10 years since I got the last ones.

FOWC With Fandango: Cantankerous

Good Morning


Mr. Swiss was already up for a coffee an hour earlier than me, although after the coffee he decided to hug the bed again. I had time to ask how the weather was, and he said grey. When I eventually left my bed I had a look outside, took some instant photos in the garden, and could confirm that it was grey everywhere. But then I had a surprise.

Flock of Birds Flying

I was looking up at the sky searching for something photo worthy and this flock of birds suddenly flew ahead. They were having a practice for formation flights. One bird was out of line, but perhaps it was the boss telling the others what to do. I only had my mobile telephone with me so had to make the most of the photo. If I had taken the Nikon, the quality would have been better.

Flock of Birds

And here they are again, winging their way towards the South. I also now hear the dawn chorus outside in the early morning, but it is still a little too cold to sleep with open windows to hear them more clearly.

Back Garden

Growth is developing in the garden and there are many new plants appearing that the gardener organised last Autumn. I recognise my peonies, but I am not sure about the others, so I will let myself be surprised

Yesterday I was off shopping again in the afternoon. The cleaning lady called to ask if it would be OK to shift the day this week to Wednesday instead of Tuesday, which is one of the reasons why I am on a Good Morning  routine today. Her sister is visiting from Columbia and they have planned something today. It no longer makes any difference to me when she cleans during the week, as I now go shopping in the afternoon and I am always at home in the morning.

I will probably stay at home this afternoon as I have a writing job to deal with. April is developing into a busy month with doc visits for Mr. Swiss and I also have various appointments to deal with including mounting the summer tyres on my car which the garage will do for me.


Yesterday I saw a programme about the new 5g development in communication, which is much faster and much better and a new step into the future. I am not sure about this one. Of course it would be good to have the work simplified but I am not so keen that my vacuum cleaner begins to communicate with my washing machine and the electric cooking range also joins in: and the computer might decide not to play along. Everything would come to a still stand. I like to have my apparatus under control. Who needs a faster more intelligent system when I am getting slower in age and my brain cells are no longer replacing themselves. I like to take it slow and steady.

And so I will now leave the realm of cyber action and return to the normal daily life. Have a good day, enjoy and may it be filled with success. If not, then there is always tomorrow.