RDP Monday: Dazzle

Tulip 08.04 (2)

I decided to dazzle everyone with my tulip that opened this morning. I was off shopping this afternoon and wanted to make a few more better photos of this tulip when I returned home. My tulip went on strike. It had been teasing me with its buds since a week. It was closed this morning, but just before lunch it opened, with its colleagues.

When I returned from my shopping trip I equipped myself with my mobile phone and camera and decided to take a few more better photos. My tulip had closed its buds. How could it be so mean? There I was ready to take my Pulitzer prize award winning photo and the tulip refused to pose. The sun had also disappeared, so perhaps tulips only open when the sun shines or they only open for a few hours during the day.

My dazzling tulip photo is not as good as I wanted. Our hawthorn bush is also flowering, so here it is as a compensation. I nearly killed the neighbour this morning. The hawthorn bush separates her garden territory to mine and it only began to flower yesterday. There she was out in the garden with her garden shears cutting off twigs of the hawthorn. I really did not want an argument, called Mr. Swiss and we both got rather loud. She heard us (which was intended). She asked if we meant her. We said yes and now was not the time to cut twigs off a flowering hawthorn. “But they are dry” was her weak answer. Of course they were not dry, they had not yet produced the flowers, but leaves were there. She was also thinking about attacking another bush, but realised that it would not be such a good idea and eventually disappeared. This was not the first time. I was dazzled by her actions.

So here is the hawthorn, and there are still some berries on the twigs from last year.

Hawthorn 08.04 (1)

RDP Monday: Dazzle

10 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Dazzle

    • Actually I had the same theme for a Sunday challenge “dazzle”. I then used my magnolia photos, so had to find something else for today. Tomorrow I wanted to coax the tulip in opening up again for another photo.


  1. You are SO far ahead of our season. We do have shoots for tulips, but no buds yet. We do live in the terrible weather area of the U.S. Well, not as bad as California or Florida, but bad enough. That’s a gloriously red tulip!

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    • It’s my Darwin tulip, more than 20 years in the garden and it returns every year.It is now tulip time and when they are finished the summer flowers arrive.


      • I hate to say it, but trees that I must inspect because they suddenly and inexplicably died in the region of San Jose quite often do so after a family of a particular ethnic group moves in next door. It sometimes happens after the new neighbors request that it be removed. Many years ago, I cut down a birch tree at my mother’s home for one such new neighbor. Once that was gone, the neighbor requested that the next birch over be removed, so I did so as well. Then I removed a third, at the request of the same neighbor. When the neighbor requested that the apple tree beyond the three removed birches be removed, I finally declined to accommodate. The apple tree died within the month. I am an arborist, and there are not many problems with trees that I can not identify, but I could determine what killed the apple tree.

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