Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Quite a dramatic sky when I took my first look this morning but the birds were singing and behind the clouds it was blue, so it can only get better. I did my usual morning chores: opening the curtains, raising the blinds and removing the washing from the stand.  I always wash in the evening from 9.00 as from that time our electricity is half price until 6 in the morning, which tends to make a good reduction on the bill. I hang it in the evening and in the morning it is dry and ready to remove or iron, whatever the case may be. I have had this system for years and it works well with me. When we bought the apartment it had a tumble dryer fitted, but that was an energy eater.It dried the washing in an hour, but to a price, I prefer natural dried washing in any case.

So having completed the morning chores, including emptying the cat tray, I get down to the important stuff like making my breakfast and perhaps taking a few photos of the outside world, like the cloud formations.


At last my Darwin tulips are showing some colour and they might just open up during the day.


I have a pot of daffodils on the small table in the front garden and the first one opened today. there are quite a few daffodils in the pot, so I am looking forward to seeing them all. When they are finished flowering I will plant them in my garden bed around my buddleia where I hope they will remain for many years.

Yesterday was a relaxed day at home. At last I finished composing my letter to the british pension authorities for my monthly paltry amount and completed their form.  It will be posted today and I will be  tensely awaiting their reaction, although rather the monthly money.

Yesterday evening Mr. Swiss hopped off to bed whilst I finished my daily doings on WordPress and afterwards compose todays shopping list. I do lead an organised life it seems. This afternoon I will be on my way again to the store, hoping that I have not forgotten anything.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (2)

Today is the second Monday in the month, meaning market day in our local town of Solothurn. I like to go, but since shifting my shopping routine to the afternoon, no longer have the time, although I noticed that with time it is mainly the same stalls in the same places and nothing really new. It is just a good experience to be among people and naturally for my camera.

Daily chores are now calling in the apartment. Unfortunately you cannot sit on the computer all day, there is also a real life waiting for me out there somewhere. I am now off to share the joys of a vacuum cleaner and all the trimmings. Look after yourselves  and enjoy the week ahead: just look on the bright side and ignore the negative stuff, like housework or your job.

And by the way, the primroses are flowering outside.

Primrose 06.04.2019

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Those tulips are rad. I wish I could grow them like that. Someday, I will grow a batch of white tulips, just so I can brag about it. Once I do that, I will not need to grow anymore. There is one outside here. I suppose that I should dig it at the end of the season and chill it and give it what it needs, and take care of it, just to see if I could get it to bloom again. It might have been out there for years without blooming. If I got it to bloom, that would be more to brag about than getting some that are already processed to do so. There are still daffodils blooming because there were some forgotten bulbs that I planted halfway through winter. They will bloom as early as the rest of them next year. The few primrose we have will be getting replaced pretty soon. They are grown as cool season annuals here, which is sad. I would like them to stay as perennials. If I could justify doing so, I would dig them and plug them down by one of the springs so that they could bloom every autumn and winter if they want to.

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    • It is so natural in Our part of Europe that we plant our bulbs in Autumn and they bloom every Spring afterwards. I had my garden changed by the gardener last Autumn, but some crocus and tulips are still there and have grown again. I was so pleased that my red tulip was still there. It opened a few buds today, but they closed again before I could take a good photo.

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      • We ‘try’ to do the same here. Most people here are from somewhere else where winters are cooler. However, we do not get enough chill for particular bulbs to bloom reliable after their first year. Tulips survive for years, but only produce useless leaves without bloom. Only daffodils and maybe crocus bloom reliably. Summer bulbs do better here.


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