Good Morning

Jura 06.04 (2)

It’s a grey morning today, although I am sure it will brighten up slowly but surely. Our Jura mountains also showed themselves from the grey side yesterday afternoon with a fresh layer of snow remaining from Thursday. On the right you see the Weeissenstein, our house mountain, although it is now almost 2 years since I last took the trip with the gondola to the top.

It was 4-5 days since I let myself out for a wheelie, so yesterday afternoon I was on my way again into town. I was getting an attack of cabin fever at home and needed a change of scenery.

Hauptgasse Solothurn 06.04.2019

It was looking quite peaceful when I arrived in town. On Saturday morning there is the weekly market with the fruit and veg stalls everywhere and other produce from the local farms. It is cleared away at lunch time and the town returns to its usual quiet self. I remember the days of my mother-in-law. As a golden oldie it was the highlight of the week for her. She would wear her newest creation and off she would go into town to market. She grew up with most of the stall holders and there were few people she did not know. They were the days before online shopping and getting it delivered to your door by the local supermarket. The town was alive.

Environment Demonstration Solothurn 06.04 (2)

As I got closer to the market place, there were more people and I noticed in the distance a crowd. Of course my curiosity was awakened and as I got closer I was confronted with this.

Environment Demonstration Solothurn 06.04 (4)

There was another demonstration for climate improvements. The people were singing “We are the World” a little out of tune, but they were people like you and me and not a full choir. Afterwards there the leaders held a short speech and distributed chalk to the children, encouraging them to make drawings on the pavement representing the theme with flowers, animals and words. Yet another opportunity for a camera report from the local wheeled journalist, although I avoided wheeling through the crowd and afterwards took the higher street through town.

Stork 06.04 (1)

I decided to visit the storks to see if there were new arrivals. One of the adults was present and I saw a second smaller head in the nest. Was this already the new arrival or the partner? It was difficult to tell, but they seem quite settled now in their nest.

On the way home I decided to take the path along the river and noted yet another new duck I had never seen before.

Ducks 06.04 (10)

It was quite striking with its shiny red beak and according to Wikipedia it is a red-crested pochard, although I am open to discussion. Wikipedia is not the authority for ducks. It was very attractive  and really something completely different. I then met two ladies who I now and again see, one being an Australian and the other an American. I felt quite at home speaking my native english again and it is always a pleasure to meet people from our english colonies. The American lady said she has been over 30 years in Switzerland and is no longer certain what nationality she is. I told her that after my 52 years in Switzerland, 50 being married to a Swiss. I am definitely sure that my British roots have shrunk through lack of food and water.

I am still battling with my british pension form but have decided to write an accompanying letter. How should I know my national insurance number after 52 years being away from the GB and I find no trace of it at home. They must have known it up to now after paying my pension for 7-8 years monthly.

And now to my housewife duties. I do not intend a wheelie today, have other things to do. I might bake a Swiss apple tart this afternoon and will see how my garden is growing. The stupid red tulips are still not open, but a little more than yesterday. They are filling my already exciting day with more suspense.

Have a good Sunday, and enjoy.

Japanese Cherry Tree 06.04 (2)

At least the Japanese Cherry at the bottom of the path is having its annual Spring showtime.


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