FOWC with Fandango: Envy

Tunnel Werkhofstrasse 06.04.2019

Just one of the slopes I take to cross to the other side of the road in my wheelchair.  In the distance on the other side of the road you can see our local museum. It is not envy that I have, although when I go places and mix with people I can envy the fact that some are about my age and walk quite well. They do not have to grip onto the supermarket trolley to stay balanced or belong to the ministry of funny walks.

I remember a time, just about 8 years ago, when Mr. Swiss and I would take a walk now and again together: perhaps along the river bank into town, or to our local castle up on the hill. Even in our golden oldie years we would still walk together, hand in hand. We now only go out together if I drive to the store and he comes with me in the car. Now and again we talk about the times when we were free to go anywhere and do anything. I am now restricted to holding onto my walker, travelling in my wheelchair and Mr. Swiss can go nowhere without his stick for support. He also has a mechanical wheelchair at home.

Many of us have problems when we get older, but the thought of how it used to be is there. We are not envious, it is fate, but those that are free to go and do what they want without mobility problems are the lucky people and I hope they realise it. I know, I used to be one of them and so was Mr. Swiss.

FOWC with Fandango: Envy

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Envy

  1. I would give a lot to be able to really walk properly again. It’s not going to happen, though every once in a while I get a few minutes of a time when I get to feel kind of normal.

    It isn’t envy. More like wishful thinking.

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    • I have got used to my walk, but I had food for thought a couple of weeks ago. A lady I worked with and a long while no longer saw I met in the supermarket. I was not sure who she was. She suddenly saw me and we caught up on this and that and I said I have MS. She told me quite honestly, at first she saw a lady that had walking problems and then recognised me. It did not bother me, quite in order. I am not envious of those that can, but it would be so nice to get my other life back again.


  2. Hello Angloswiss. I love the fact you have such structures to get across the roads. Where I live in the US we have people in wheelchairs trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic with no cross walks to get around. Cross walks are miles apart, and stores and housing are on different sides in different places. It is hard for a able person to cross , a person walking with a support or in a wheelchair is taking one heck of a chance. Hugs

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    • At first I was a little timid to use the slopes and tunnels, but I am now a full Profi. Often the Kerbs are too high, but the local town is small and no traffic. People are very good here and as soon they see me in my wheelchair waiting to cross the road they stop to let me cross.

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