28 thoughts on “Dazzle

  1. They are beautiful!!! We have a funny magnolia tree in our garden. It has purple rather thin blooms. It us a rarer version if magnolia called Magnolia Liliflora and I didnt like it at all in the beginning but they grew on me… Have a wonderful Sunday🙋‍♀️🐝🌻🌹

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  2. That one is more impressive than mine. That is how the respond to the cooler winter weather. Ours finished a while ago. One at work bloomed and dropped its flowers before I even got a picture. It is a very small tree that grew from a stump of a tree that was cut down, so had only a few flowers on it.

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      • They really look happier there, as if the cold winters inhibit insect infestation. I used to grow them, but did not enjoy working with them directly in production. They are much happier in landscapes than confined to cans on the farm.

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  3. It‘s one of my very, very best loved trees and flowers. Plus naturally my even more beloved (but stinking when cut) Peonies…… I have a shrub full of over one hundred child‘s head sized blooms, frilly, filled, gorgeous – one hopes it‘s not going to rain into them as it so often did!

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    • Shame that the magnolias have a comparatively short season. I seem to have peonies growing everywhere in the garen at the moment. I have two sorts: the filled ones and the asiatic single flowers, both very good.


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