RDP Saturday: Coast

River Aare 02.09 (1)

What can you say when you live in a country, like Switzerland, that has no coast. We have lakes fed by our rivers and you even find a beach now and again, but a coast – forget it. We can swim in our rivers, we can sail a boat on the lakes, but there is no incoming tide steered by the moon and sun. We just get higher levels of water if it rains which can lead to flooding.

But a coast, no chance. Somehow when the countries were formed nature forgot to give Switzerland a sea or ocean. Everyone got their fair share and we were left in the middle, coasted by other counties. We are landlocked. In Winter the sea gulls pay us a visit. I suppose it is their holiday to get a change from the smell of salt in their beaks.

Gulls and Swans 01.01 (2)

They are our tourists.

So when you spend your holidays in the sun laying on the beach in Miami, Mallorca, or on the French riviera, spare a thought for us Swiss left with mountains covered in the eternal snow or perhaps a trip on the lake of Lugano with no gateway to the big wide world by ocean.

RDP Saturday: Coast

5 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Coast

  1. That was one of the weirdest concepts that I could not quite grasp when I went to Oklahoma. I had never been farther from the coast than Bakersfield. I know that the Mojave Desert seems to be far from any coast, and it is, but going to Oklahoma really IS much farther than I had ever been before. I could not understand how they get any weather there, because, as we all know, the weather comes from the ocean. I can remember being up one evening when low clouds were rushing up from the south, just like they might in inland parts of California, except that these were coming north over hundreds of miles of Texas. It was like recycled weather! Ick! I was exposed to weather that had already been used by Texas!

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