RDP Thursday: Cast-off


It is snowing.

Not the cold hard cover-the-ground snow that can be slippery. No, it is the wet, soggy, apology for snow that makes you cast off your wet clothes when you arrive home after going out. It is the snow that is heavy, enough to bend a daffodil, causing it to plead for mercy.

It is also the kind of snow that is annoying when you have to go somewhere and need a parking space and find that they are all occupied. I had to bring Mr. Swiss for a dental inspection and deposited him as near as possible, as he also has mobility problems. I drove off, made a circle and arrived back to where I began, found a parking space at a distance and had to walk to the dentist afterwards in the soaking wet sludgy snow. I have to take the long way round,  because I cannot walk down the steep stairs for the short cut to the dentist, especially with my walker.

Road to Solothurn 06.06 (6)

Solothurn is not the most comfortable place with its narrow alleys, stairs and cobble stones, and when wet even less inviting. I eventually arrived at the dentist where Mr. Swiss was already in his consultation. When he was finished I told him to wait five minutes so that I could bring the car nearer to pick him up. And so I was on my way again, with my walker of course. Eventually I arrived at the car and it was still snowing in a very wet way. I managed to fold my walker and heave it into the boot of the car and drove off, thinking that Mr. Swiss would now have made his way to the pick up. Forget it, so I called him on my mobile phone and after another few minutes he appeared. In the meanwhile my car windows were steamed up although I could see through them. Mr. Swiss enters car and plays with switches to clear the windows. This had the effect of making them even less transparent. I really should study the book I have with this car.

Eventually we arrived home where I cast off my wet clothes to feel again like a normal person. We have had spring weather since mid March, not a drop of rain and today it decides to snow when I have to go places. At least my daffodils on the porch on the table are still standing.


RDP Thursday: Cast-off

2 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Cast-off

    • It is not law here, but many shops have them. Unfortunately they are usually hidden behind the door. I found the ramp today at the dentist. It was a metal plate. I don’t know how I was supposed to add that to the stair. It is not law here but many make the effort, although the efforts are not very good. It is still far too steep for my walker.And it has now stopped snowing. Even my fallen daffodil has recovered..


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