FOWC with Fandango: Prescient

Jura 06.12 (1)

I do not want to know
Just let it be
Will tomorrow arrive?
At my age I will see
No-one can tell
Perhaps there are signs
Does it really matter
There are no guidelines
Who can tell the future
Many think they can
Let them enjoy it
I am not a fan
Politicians tell us
That everything is well
Keep the finger off the button
Is all that I can tell

FOWC with Fandago: Prescient

RDP Thursday: Cast-off


It is snowing.

Not the cold hard cover-the-ground snow that can be slippery. No, it is the wet, soggy, apology for snow that makes you cast off your wet clothes when you arrive home after going out. It is the snow that is heavy, enough to bend a daffodil, causing it to plead for mercy.

It is also the kind of snow that is annoying when you have to go somewhere and need a parking space and find that they are all occupied. I had to bring Mr. Swiss for a dental inspection and deposited him as near as possible, as he also has mobility problems. I drove off, made a circle and arrived back to where I began, found a parking space at a distance and had to walk to the dentist afterwards in the soaking wet sludgy snow. I have to take the long way round,  because I cannot walk down the steep stairs for the short cut to the dentist, especially with my walker.

Road to Solothurn 06.06 (6)

Solothurn is not the most comfortable place with its narrow alleys, stairs and cobble stones, and when wet even less inviting. I eventually arrived at the dentist where Mr. Swiss was already in his consultation. When he was finished I told him to wait five minutes so that I could bring the car nearer to pick him up. And so I was on my way again, with my walker of course. Eventually I arrived at the car and it was still snowing in a very wet way. I managed to fold my walker and heave it into the boot of the car and drove off, thinking that Mr. Swiss would now have made his way to the pick up. Forget it, so I called him on my mobile phone and after another few minutes he appeared. In the meanwhile my car windows were steamed up although I could see through them. Mr. Swiss enters car and plays with switches to clear the windows. This had the effect of making them even less transparent. I really should study the book I have with this car.

Eventually we arrived home where I cast off my wet clothes to feel again like a normal person. We have had spring weather since mid March, not a drop of rain and today it decides to snow when I have to go places. At least my daffodils on the porch on the table are still standing.


RDP Thursday: Cast-off

Good Morning


I am a strong believer in logic and do not go in for superstitions or stories. It has to have hand and foot for me which is the basis of life or? Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule. Today we have one. After 2-3 weeks of glorious Spring weather, shining sun and plants awakening from their winter sleep, today we have snow. Mr. Swiss said it is only a little froth. When I eventually arrived in the kitchen I told him the frothy part was just a little overture. Admittedly it is not a threatening snow. I can hear the traffic speeding along on the village road and so road conditions seem to be manageable. There were reports of difficulties in Zürich airport, but I suppose clearing stretches of snow at an airport are a little different to country roads and motorways.

I have my own little routine with a few small exceptions. Today of all days there is an exception. I have to drive into town after lunch to take Mr. Swiss to the dentist. Will the snow be gone by then? I hope so. I still have my brand new Winter tyres on the car, so it should not be a problem, I hope.

Dianthus in snow

In the meanwhile my flowering dianthus is covered in snow and my herbs are following close behind.

Herbs in Snow

It is not really such an exception. I remember many years ago when I had potted my geraniums in the garden, freshly bought from the market. A day later the were covered in snow and I had visions of wilting leaves and flowers, but they survived and I am sure my plants will survive this little froth of snow.  Apparently tomorrow the spook will be over and we will return to the nice days of Spring.

In the meanwhile today we are again busy with recovering the beds with new linen. I have already completed my duvet and cushion and removed the sheet, and now to the other bed, although first of all I will visit the shower. I have all morning to deal with the necessary.

Needless to say I have neither the time or the need to take a wheelie in my chair today.

Yesterday I was busy completing an application form. I usually do these things online, which I tried, but in this case it did not work so I did it by hand. It often happens in such cases that neither Mr. Swiss nor I, can actually read these forms. They have such small print and we both need a magnifying glass. Why cannot these companies use normal print. We are not all lawyers or doctors.

In the meanwhile it has stopped snowing, or thinking about it and I am off.

Japanese Cherry Blossom 02.04 (2)

So let’s have something to brighten up the day. The Japanese cherry trees, or whatever they are, are flowering in the local cemetery. I hope the flowers are still there after the snow showers. Have a good day everyone and be glad if it is not snowing where you are. It seems it can happen to all of us, even when it is not logical.