RDP Tuesday: Stretch

Crows 23.03 (3)

This bird was stretching its wings to fly. I stretch to relax, but it no longer works. Unfortunately my stretching these days is a symptom of MS spasticity, although not unpleasant. You have a feeling you cannot move your limbs, usually when you are relaxing before sleeping and so I stretch and generally I feel better afterwards as I get a feeling of general relaxation. .

Otherwise my stretch problem today are stretching the time to ensure I get everything done that I want to. I have so many projects I want to complete and really enjoy doing it. It keeps me out of mischief. I have decided to try and name my unknown wild flowers in my photo collection. I have an app, but it takes time. I want to organise a file for our income tax documents. I intend ordering a special card for tanking my car which will make it much easier. And I am searching for better ideas for tea in the evening. Just serving cold cuts is becoming boring, so I want to liven it up somehow.

I am on the way. Yesterday I served mini potatoes with the meat and today I will fry the remainder. It is asparagus season, so why not a portion with the cold meat.

My main problem with stretching used to be my clothes when I put on weight in the wrong places. I have cured this by wearing nice comfortable wide clothes and stretch pants.  And now to continue with the next stretch blogging exercise – time for my feline whose paws are itching to write something. Over to you Tabby.

RDP Tuesday: Stretch

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