FOWC with Fandango: Idiosyncrasy

Rötibruck shadows 30.03 (2)

Who, in their right mind, would take a photo of a support on a local bridge. Me, of course. Just wheeling around in my chair, or perhaps a walk with the walker is boring. I have to have something to do whilst I am doing it. Moving is OK, but cameras are so handy to capture the moment in time when you saw it. So where I go, my camera goes with me and if I cannot take the camera, then today we have these handy little mobile phones. Although I notice that everyone seems to be taking photos today. Not only are there the phone addicts talking to someone who also has a mobile phone, but they are now taking photos everywhere. This is the new international idiosyncrasy.

As I decided that I was almost perfect I asked Mrs. Swiss if I have an idiosyncrasy. He spoke about sitting down, talking about it and making a list. I decided this would not be a good idea. I think he was mixing the word idiosyncrasy with annoyance, which could have lead to agreeing to disagree over certain aspects, so we left it. I stalked off to the computer and left him to tidy up the kitchen. There are some aspects of blog life that should not be considered.

FOWC with Fandango: Idiosyncrasy

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