Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Stairs or Steps

Circus Knie 07.08 (3)

I snapped these from the Swiss National Circus Knie when it came to town.

Stairs from Church St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

The stairs leading down from our village church.

Cathedral Steps Helsinki

And something completely different. There we were in 1963 sitting on the steps of Helskini cathedral visiting Finland on a school cruise around the Baltic Sea. I am at the end of the row sitting next to some guy we met and all dressed in the fashion of the day. I don’t think I will ever forget those steps. I was then 17 years old.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Stairs or Steps

FOWC with Fandango: Idiosyncrasy

Rötibruck shadows 30.03 (2)

Who, in their right mind, would take a photo of a support on a local bridge. Me, of course. Just wheeling around in my chair, or perhaps a walk with the walker is boring. I have to have something to do whilst I am doing it. Moving is OK, but cameras are so handy to capture the moment in time when you saw it. So where I go, my camera goes with me and if I cannot take the camera, then today we have these handy little mobile phones. Although I notice that everyone seems to be taking photos today. Not only are there the phone addicts talking to someone who also has a mobile phone, but they are now taking photos everywhere. This is the new international idiosyncrasy.

As I decided that I was almost perfect I asked Mrs. Swiss if I have an idiosyncrasy. He spoke about sitting down, talking about it and making a list. I decided this would not be a good idea. I think he was mixing the word idiosyncrasy with annoyance, which could have lead to agreeing to disagree over certain aspects, so we left it. I stalked off to the computer and left him to tidy up the kitchen. There are some aspects of blog life that should not be considered.

FOWC with Fandango: Idiosyncrasy

RDP Tuesday: Stretch

Crows 23.03 (3)

This bird was stretching its wings to fly. I stretch to relax, but it no longer works. Unfortunately my stretching these days is a symptom of MS spasticity, although not unpleasant. You have a feeling you cannot move your limbs, usually when you are relaxing before sleeping and so I stretch and generally I feel better afterwards as I get a feeling of general relaxation. .

Otherwise my stretch problem today are stretching the time to ensure I get everything done that I want to. I have so many projects I want to complete and really enjoy doing it. It keeps me out of mischief. I have decided to try and name my unknown wild flowers in my photo collection. I have an app, but it takes time. I want to organise a file for our income tax documents. I intend ordering a special card for tanking my car which will make it much easier. And I am searching for better ideas for tea in the evening. Just serving cold cuts is becoming boring, so I want to liven it up somehow.

I am on the way. Yesterday I served mini potatoes with the meat and today I will fry the remainder. It is asparagus season, so why not a portion with the cold meat.

My main problem with stretching used to be my clothes when I put on weight in the wrong places. I have cured this by wearing nice comfortable wide clothes and stretch pants.  And now to continue with the next stretch blogging exercise – time for my feline whose paws are itching to write something. Over to you Tabby.

RDP Tuesday: Stretch

Good Morning


And another glorious sunrise, around 7.30 a.m. in the morning illuminating the paths of the overhead planes.  It is Tuesday, so I am later with my good morning greeting as the cleaning lady is here and my routine is a little different. Whilst she is busy in the shower and bathroom, and sometimes kitchen (every two weeks) I clean the windows facing East or West alternatively weekly. They way I keep them nice and clean without too much work. Since I have my new routine of shopping in the afternoon I have now managed to fit it the cupboard doors and room door cleaning into my programme again. Now I really have everything under control. Why do I do this? Why not? It keeps me active in brain and body I suppose.

Forget me not 01.04.2019

Now that we have more daylight in the evening I also have a new job, and that is watering the garden. We have not had any rain for at least two weeks, although it is not completely dry. I noticed that various flowers are now appearing again. I have quite a lot of caucasian forget me knots in the garden. They are perennials and arrive every year with the blue flowers and leaves. They also tend to spread, but my gardener keeps them under control and they really make a nice blue splash of colour.

Daffodil 01.04 (5)

Not forgetting the daffodils. They are the daffodils that I buy for my table outside and afterwards plant them in the garden when they finish flowering, usually around my buddleia. I have various different colours-


Another annual visiter is this dandelion lookalike, but I realised it cannot be a dandelion as it has quite an interesting thick stalk. I had a look in my Plantsnap app and it told me it is a Hawkweed. It is probably an unwanted invader but it is not taking over up to now.

Mr. Swiss was busy this morning sorting the tax documents for the guy that does the organising for us. From now on it will be my responsibility, so wish me luck. I just have to make sure I get all the documents I need. As long as I have a computer I hope to have it under control. I must say I am almost bilingual, but expressions of finance in German can be a little complicated, especially when tax related.

And now to move on to finish cooking dinner, otherwise I more or less have everything under control. This afternoon I might go on an excursion to enjoy the weather and the scenery, but not into town. When the sun is shining I prefer to see nature developing and on Thursday we are supposed to be getting snow. At first they said in the higher places, but now it seems everywhere, although I do not think it will lay around after the ground warming up this week. I wil let myself be surprised. Usually I do not go anywhere on Thursday, but I have to take Mr. Swiss to a dentist appointment.

Daffodil 01.04 (4)

Have fun and make the most of the day. Just ignore those that want to spoil it for you. Perhaps my daffodils might cheer you up.