FOWC with Fandango: Fool

Who would have thought that we Swiss are one of the main producers of spaghetti. I remember this film from 1957 when I was 11 years old. We were watching it on the BBC in England and mum was really astonished.

“Fancy that” she said “I never realised that spaghetti grew on trees” Neither did I, because at the time it came in tins with tomato sauce in England. No British person would have cooked their own spaghetti. And so my mum was convinced that spaghetti grew on trees, along the most of the population of Great Britain.

FOWC with Fandago: Fooly

RDP Monday: Fool


I was offered free samples today in the supermarket. They were on a tray, covered by a plastic protection. Perhaps they might want to escape. Usually something like this lives in my garden, perhaps sheltered under a leaf or amongst the stones and earth.  I read somewhere that the insect population exceeds that of humans in the world, they are the true inhabitants of our planet. I decided eating them was not so bad and I am sure that even the vegetarians and vegan would agree. What harm are you doing to eat the meat of insects that outnumber humans. They might even be planning to take over.

I was tempted, I like to try anything new.  I even put some in my bag. I was alone in the supermarket and I really did not want to withhold the pleasure of a tasty insect for Mr. Swiss. I cannot say they are tasty, actually they have no taste and no body juices: quite dry, dehydrated for human consumption.  So what do you think? Was I an April fool? Were they just ornaments or the real thing. Will I be saving my insects in future for a tasty aperitif before my meals?





For the price of SFr. 4.90 for a 20 gramme packet you can enjoy this new experience. The new line in the local supermarket is known as Mi Bugs and they are available regularly in the supermarket – so I was not such a fool.


The description translated on the packet says “Edible Insects, Crickets, without spice”. I suppose you can choose your own additions. A little garlic, perhaps some paprika and I would recommend salt and pepper otherwise they are really tasteless. I can imagine in a salad sauce they would be perfect, especially mixed with your salad leaves. Imagine the surprised expressions of your guests when they find dead insects amongst the green leaves.

RDP Monday: Fool

Good Morning

Clouds 31.03 (2)

Not a morning cloud as we only have steel blue skies this morning and sun, which I find rather boring. I like my day to start with a bit of a show in the sky. I took this photo yesterday afternoon which I found quite an original design. Yesterday the weather report was telling of rain on Thursday and in some higher placed regions there might even be a little snow.  I think they call that April weather.

Today is April fools day but I decided not to play any tricks on Mr. Swiss. I somehow think he would not appreciate it. He already dropped a box of sweetners on the floor this morning: those little round tablets you use in the coffee and tea instead of sugar which make a mess when they get wet because they begin to dissolve. By the time I arrived in the kitchen he has already cleared them away and is now again hugging the bed.


Things are growing at an increased pace in my garden. I have never had such a successful clump of chives before. The gardener planted them last Autumn and they were producing stalks until January when they decided to have a winter sleep. In February they were returning and I must say I have never had such a productive chive plant.  I usually cut a small bunch with the scissors and snip them into my salad sauce, or use them for a garnish, also by just snipping at the stalks with the scissors. I planted parsley next to them and my gardener said it is surprising because usually the two plants do not get on well together. They now seem to be battling it out together. The chives are in the winning team, but the parsley not far behind. I seem to have a magic garden.

Grill 31.03 (7)

Grill time is also now approaching and our neighbour seems to have a new grill and wa trying it out yesterday. I do not think she was actually grilling anything, just making a trial run to see how it burns, and it was burning. First of all we had clouds of smoke and then flames. In the meanwhile the neighbour in the next garden also put his grill outside: one of the king sized types. This all happened yesterday, but the grills are still standing in the gardens and are now probably here to stay for the summer. It is supposed to be a man thing, but yesterday I only saw the females doing the work. Me? no thanks. We once had a small grill but too much messing around and stress and Mr. Swiss did not really consider it as a man thing. I grill my meat in the frying pan or oven, it tastes just as good and the surroundings do not have a smoke screen.

St. Urs Cathedrale 30.03 (3)

Whilst the Spring weather is continuing I noticed that the cathedral steps in town are again becoming a popular place for sitting and observing. It is a sure sign of good weather.

I spent yesterday afternoon on the porch with my computer. I actually intended to bake on of our Swiss apple tarts, but forgot the idea. It was so pleasant outside and peaceful. I even wore my shorts. I stopped wearing socks a couple of weeks ago and now am gradually getting into the summer wardrobe, although currently you see a mixture of clothing on the streets. Some are not sure and still have a nice warm jacket and others go the whole hog. I am on my way to the whole hog and debating whether to now wear my three quarter length trousers when I go for a wheelie.


My poinsettia indoors is still bearing up with its red leaves which is quite astonishing. I bought the plant at the beginning of December and is now producing new green leaves. I hope to keep it throughout the summer and perhaps I even manage to encourage the red leaves again for next Christmas.

I should now really move on. I finished my breakfast, am drinking the remainder of my tea and should get busy doing a few bits and pieces. I will be on my way this afternoon in the store to stock up on food, the plan has already been made.

A new week and things to do, although we golden oldies have nothing really important except for a doctor’s visit perhaps. I have to take Mr. Swiss to the dentist some time this week.

Have a good week, may it be successful and enjoy. I leave you with a flowering bush I noticed on my way along the river bank. No idea what it is, perhaps a hawthorn, but it was teeming with small bees buzzing around the flowers.

Flowering bush 30.03 (4)