RDP Sunday: Pickle

A speciality of the Spreewald in Germany
Here they are, my all time favourite pickles: the Spreewälder Gurken. Never heard of them? The good news has not yet spread across the pond or reached other countries in  the world? Only we privileged Europeans can taste their benefits?

There was once a film  concerning the re-unification of West and East Germany Goodbye Lenin telling of a mother that is dedicated to the socialist cause and falls into a coma shortly before the 1989 revolution. When she is revived eight months later, her son attempts to protect her from fatal shock by concealing the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism. That is the basic story, but you can read it yourself in the link and I would highly recommend the film which is also available in the english language. One of the articles the mother wanted was her favourite pickles, the Spreewald cucumbers, a speciality of the area known as Spreewald, which is a forest area with many streams.  The son found an old glass, bought normal pickled cucumbers and filled them in an empty glass attaching the label from the old glass showing that they were original Spreewald  pickled cucumbers.

It was a good film, I watched it a few times, but what was so special about the Spreewald cucumbers, so I decided to find out.

I was working at the time in the export department of a Swiss company and newly liberated East Germany were now our customers and we had visitors. I was dealing with them and spoke about the Spreewald cucumbers. Of course they told me they were the best and on their next visit they would bring me a glass. A month later I had my Spreewald pickled cucumbers from ex East Germany as they were still being manufactured. The girls in my department were also interested, so we were all sampling these special cucumbers in the office. It became a custom that every time we had a visit from our representatives in the area, I was presented with a glass of Spreewald pickled cucumbers. These are memories you never forget.

So lets have a listen to Arlo Guthrie and his Motorcycle song, concerning a pickle now and again.

RDP Sunday: Pickle

8 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Pickle

    • You can pickle anything really, but the main pickle I knew as a kid were pickled onions and the special cucumbers. We also pickled red cabbage and there was a special pickle known as piccalilli made mainly with mustard, something British.

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    • We never made pickles ourself, but bought them in jars in the supermarket. The Spreewald cucumbers are special in themselves. The recipe for them is kept secret of course, although they do different variations.


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