FOWC with Fandango: Retro

Dad and Me, Wish Tower Cafe Eastbourne around 1964

It must have been around 1962, dad being 47 and me his teenage daughter of about 14 years. We were on a visit to the english coast, Eastbourne, where dad’s elderly sister was in a home.  Of course you dressed for the occasion. I was at the age where I was making make-up discoveries concerning lipstick and eye shadow and I was actually wearing a dress – no blue jeans here. I seem to have the Amy Winehouse look. Dad? of course he had his tie on, in those days you wore a tie if you wanted to look decent. Dad even had a suit on, so it must have been a special day, although it was the way to do it in the sixties.

I remember when dad wore his first jeans. No, they were not blue, he called them his silvers, as they were a light shade of grey and of course no crease in the trousers, something completely different for dad. He only wore them on holiday. They were not the working class London style, but we were dressed for the occasion.

Rock and roll had taken over the music scene and the Beatles were probably still in short trousers at school.

Somehow I miss those days. Today I would not be seen dead in those clothes and even dad no longer wore a tie in his progressing years, although I know if there would have been a special occasion, unfortunately only burials at his age, the tie would have been brought out of retirement, a mark of respect.

I would like to be a teenager again, wearing my stiletto heels and tight skirts, which were uncomfortable, but necessary to keep up with the style.

Today sneakers, trousers and a nice comfortable wide top does it just as well and honestly speaking more comfortable. Perhaps it is just my age speaking.

M - Balmberg

FOWC with Fandango: Retro

11 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Retro

  1. I love the photo of you and your dad. You look like each other. I wouldn’t be a teenager again, though I’d like the physical abilities I had then if I could have the mind I have now. Maybe that’s normal for being 67…

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  2. It is good to look back on old photos and old times. The hairstyle would be very trendy today too. I haven’t been to Eastbourne but mum lived in Bexhill for a while before she was married so I went there to see what it was like. She used to cycle to Eastbourne from there.

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