7 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge: March 28 2019

  1. There are three major airports in the San Francisco Bay Area north of here, so there is a lot of air traffic. It is amazing that they do not bump into each other. I have been on only four flights; two and from Los Angles, and to and from Portland. Yet, airplanes remind me of all the far away places I have never been, and will not likely go to.

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    • The longest flight I did was zürich-New York, When my dad was still alive I would do Switzerland-London once a year. I once flew to Marrakch in Morocco- I have an app showing all the planes in the air and you can see where they are coming from and where they are going.

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      • I remember that app. It was quite interesting, especially to see the invisible planets. I sort of like know knowing where the airplanes are going because I know most are likely going to places I never heard of before. The local planes to and from San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, are too low to leave contrails. Those that leave contrails might be from Portland, Seattle or Los Angeles, . . . or anywhere. They make me think of big cities far away. . . . Phoenix, Tulsa, Mexico City, Vienna, Sao Paulo . . . . . anywhere!

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