Good Morning

Jura 28.03 (2)

And so I decided to take a wheelie yesterday afternoon, but just in the surrounding area, Along the road, through the cemetery and onto the castle and its farm. Just the normal ride in a wheelchair, but it is Spring, wonderful weather, and I really did not feel like a visit to town –  too much action, I needed peace and quiet.

My first view is always the Jura mountains in my back yard. They are looking particularly good at the moment with a few cumulus clouds as a decoration hovering above.  At least I think they are cumulus. I never tire of this range of peaks with its vegetation.

Bipperlisi 28.03.2019

I then wheel along the path on the right at the side of the local railway tracks and even the train appeared for me for a photo. Mr. Swiss often asks if it is not a little dangerous on that path, but there is plenty of room, even if a bike wants to cross my path in the opposite direction. He might wait for me to pass or perhaps I pull over. It is not really necessary, we have enough space, but just being cautious and of course a friendly thank you and greeting to enjoy the meeting.

Horses 28.03 (1)

The next view is the farm behind the fence to the railway lines. They have horses that are usually grazing. Now and again there is a new arrival, a foal, although it seems they are now grown.

I eventually arrived towards the castle and noticed a big bird flying overhead. Thanks to my new camera and lens I can now capture the birds in the air.

Red Kite 26.03.2019

So what was this big bird? Question to Mr. Swiss and being a one time country boy growing up in the area he immediately identified it as a red kite, known as a “milan” in our area, because of the forked tail. If it was a straight tail it would have been a buzzard apparently. It was fascinating to watch how this bird weaved its way above. Life can be so great sometimes.

Stork 28.03 (3)

The next big event was seeing a huge white bird overhead that landed on the famers field. I suspected it was a stork and my photos proved it. We have a colony near us and they now and again nest on high places. I suspect this one was from the nest on the tower next to the high school. I often see her sitting there probably egg hatching.

The bird show was over and I was wheeling on my way near the castle when I saw a friend of ours. She often takes a walk around the castle in summer and we had not seen each other all Winter, so had a few things to catch up on. We had a nice lengthy conversation and I had to break off as I told Mr. Swiss I would not be gone long, and did not want to worry him. My friend is actually an acquaintance of Mr. Swiss but we get on so well. As I moved on to the final stretch, my telephone rang, but I told Mr. Swiss I was now on the home stretch.

Ducks 28.03 (9)

Of course I looked in on the ducks before leaving. I saw no chickens and I fear that it is again time to replace them with egg layers. Even chickens have their days I suppose: sad but true. They are probably now laying eggs in the happy hunting egg grounds.

And that was that. I had filled up the camera again with a few photos. This afternoon it is week-end shopping time and I will be let loose in the store. A least I have variety in my life. Riding wheelchair or car according to my destination. No. 1 son will be at one of those open air rock concerts Saturday evening, so one less mouth to feed and a romantic twosome for the evening meal.

I have no exciting plans for the week-end. Perhaps a trip to town or just watching my garden grow, and that is interesting at the moment.

Blue daisies 28.03.2019

I really do not know what this flower is, but they arrive in my garden every year in Spring in patches. Perhaps they are wild, I just call them blue daisies. And now I wish you all a good week-end, enjoy and I hope your Spring weather (or Autumn for downunder) is behaving as mine is.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning.
    That blue daisy seems to be Anemone blanda. It is not quite like I see it in mail order or online catalogs, so is likely the wild version of popular garden varieties.

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      • The only anemone I know here is the garden variety that I can buy in the nursery. I really like them, but do not grow them, just because they do not naturalize. I have been wanting to try Anemone blanda now that it is available in catalogues, because I think that it might do well here, and maybe even spread to form patches (without becoming invasive). Depending on what happens with my home situation, I might even get some this coming autumn.

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  2. How lovely to see all those different, large birds. I’d love to see Storks in the wild. We get a lot of Red Kites in this area. They were introduced back into areas of the uk a few years ago, as they’d almost died out here. Happily, they’re thriving well now. I love to see them gliding on the thermals over our village.

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