FOWC with Fandango: Value

Dad shopping

The grey haired man in the queue is my dad in his supermarket. He was then 90 years old, still living in his own little council house and I would pay a visit once a year which is when I took the photo. Dad was very serious about shopping. He would look at the bargains and if it was a special offer he would make the most of it. He would save every coupon in the newspaper or those on leaflets and when he had enough would mail them and his rewards was perhaps a free jar of coffee (which is never really liked) or perhaps a bar of chocolate – the free offers of the day. I was amused to see how he would carefully organise it all at home and now and again check to see if he could exchange them. Since then dad has moved onto the happy hunting grounds of the eternal supermarkets but I am sure he is still collecting.

I was amused by his collection fever, but who am I to laugh. There must be something in the DNA somewhere. I am now a golden oldie, not so old and golden as dad was then, but since I now deal with the shopping on my own without Mr. Swiss as he can no longer move so well. I have a new hobby. Our supermarket chain gives points for the amount of money you pay at the cash desk. This goes further, and you might have a 2x coupon, meaning double points. Today they gave 4x in honour of Spring. Then you can get certain items with 40x points. The coupons are given in the supermarket, but who needs coupons, I do it all online with my iPad.

This is paying off. Since I have begun to study the system I have scored double as many points as usual. There is of course a system. I must be careful not to activate too many of these 2x points on my iPad, otherwise they are all used and I have nothing left. You only get the 2x points if you pay 100 francs or more at the cash desk, so do not activate everything. Always leave a reserve somewhere.

It is a real thrill to buy something where 40x points are available, that really puts a jump into your coupon value. My dad would be proud of me and I am having fun. Now and again I check to see how my profits are. Because I activated the 4x points today it means that I still have an extra 2x to use next week. Today Mr. Swiss gave me the task to buy cleaning liquid for his electric razor, no problem. He told me here are three units in a box. However, the guy in the store said if I wanted the three unit box or the 5 unit. I asked the price difference. It seems there was a special offer and one unit was free. Mr. Swiss was very happy with my bargain when I got home. Would he have done this if he had bought them. Of course not, he is a man and just wanted the product.

This is my new hobby. I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to see the result on my iPad of today’s supermarket transactions. Up to now I have resisted the temptation to buy something just because there are 40x points available. I really do not want to be addicted. My name is Mrs. Angloswiss and I am a coupon addict. Perhaps there is a coupon addict anonymous to treat this.


FOWC with Fandango: Value

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Value

  1. We also gets points for what we buy plus extra points for some advertised items and items which are the store’s “own” brands. It doesn’t add up to scads of money, but it’s like $10 or $12 a month. Plus our senior discount should we ever actually shop on Tuesdays, which we rarely do.

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    • We get pay out once a month and I usually got an average of about 60-70 francs, but am now averaging at least 100 and a little more because I now have a.system. Our day is also Tuesday, but I rarely shop on Tuesday


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