RDP Tuesday: Haze

Jura 10.11 (6)

It seems that the haze accompanies getting older. I forget names. It is most embarrassing when you meet someone and they say “Hello Mrs.Angloswiss” and even might shake hands as is Swiss greeting custom. Of course I know the person, we worked together, and so I mumble “Hello Mrs. ……….” swallowing the words and hoping it is not noticed because I cannot remember her name.

Mr. Swiss is good at names, he remembers them but his memory is no longer what it was and tends to go on search excursions at home, especially for his walking stick which can be found in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Now the danger is the warmer days where it might be on the porch. I am lucky, I have a stick holder attachhe to my walker.

We compensate each other. One of us is sometimes the mountain that raises its shape out of the mist, and the other is the mist, although we alternate. Yes, that haze is everywhere, but now and again a bright light might shine through.

Clouds 31.10.2018

RDP Tuesday: Haze

8 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Haze

  1. This is a great metaphorical post! I spent the weekend with friends, my exact age, who are both in a perennial haze, each of their own, though still functional. Unfortunately, I wonder if I will see them again.

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    • Ageing is not easy although forgetting a name is not really the worst, it is just so silly. As long as I can still operate my computer and drive the car, I am happy.


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