Good Morning

Morning Clouds

We have clouds again, although not threatening, just an interesting morning sky. Blue skies are fine but a little monotonous. Give me a cloud any time, as long as not so threatening, It is like a book withe page turners, and you never really know what is going to happen next.

Unlike myself I do know what will happen next. I am sitting at the table in the kitchen with a view of the porch.


And the weather is now warm enough to allow me to sit outside in the afternoon, although around fivish it begans to chill a little. Note the two chairs opposing each other. They are very useful in that style, You can sit on one and rest your feet on the other, although I am usually outside with my Mac computer blogging away. I have even been busy removing the weeds from the garden lately. they are the first small ones that cover the earth. Now most of them are gone I can actually see what my gardener planted and what is now growing. As I am not so good at bending and weeding. I do a little every day and am now almost finished.

Lenten and Christroses

At least I have a better view of my lent and chrisroses. I have cleared the right side, but on the left there is still some annoying weedy undergrowth.

At last I have a relaxed Monday morning. I usually have to go to the store on Monday morning to fill up the food plan, and also do some cleaning of the apartment. Now I have a different system and get Monday lunchtime food on Friday which means no urgent shopping until the afternoon when I have more time. I now at last have a stress free Monday morning. I know as a golden oldie I can please myself what I do, but only if I am organised which I now am.

I can now hear the church bells from the village church so perhaps there is something going on today, or perhaps it is just because it is Monday morning.

Feldbrunnen Church 12.12.2018

It is a nice church, roman catholic, the main religion in our part of Switzerland, perched on a hill in the village and overlooking everything which seems to be normal for such buildings in Switzerland.

Mr. Swiss has now stopped hugging the bed and has joined me in the kitchen for his first, no second, coffee of the day. He makes the first one whilst I am still hugging the bed and then returns. Ever our daily routine is the same.

I have a shopping list to create just to make sure I forget nothing. I rely absolutely on my online list. Yesterday was a normal Sunday with nothing special happening. I was going for a wheelie in my  chair, but decided to take it easy at home and so I baked one of those Swiss apple tarts which everyone seemed to be happy about. Mr. Swiss says he worries when I am on my way in my chair alone and I say I am worried if anything might happen when I am away from home, but we cannot stay glued to each other forever.

And now to attack the apartment with a vacuum cleaner whilst Mr. Swiss attacks our beds to make them.

See you around, enjoy the week ahead. And here are the first shoots of my apple tree unfolding the leaves, what a wonderful sight on a Monday morning.

Apple tree

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It looks like Spring is springing in your part of the world. We have forsythias blooming here and that is about it. Hopefully the cherry trees will burst out this week. Have a good week. SLP

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  2. Good Morning.
    It is nearing 7:30. The crew will be arriving before 7:45. The coffee is on for them. So is the heater, although it is not very cold out. We expect a bit of rain off and on for the next few days. I will not be working here today, but I so enjoy starting the day with the crew. So does Rhody. He is curled up on the sofa right now, but will reposition to the lap of the first person to sit down.

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    • Sounds you have a good team. I remember the days when I was a working woman and one after the other we would file into the office. Our boss would sit at his desk and wait for one of us women to make him a coffee. i don’t think he ever made one himself.

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      • I worked with someone who had worked in Japan, where women are supposed to be treated equally to men, and were just as commonly accepted as CEOs of big corporations, . . . but even a CEO was expected to make tea for a board meeting if she was the only woman there. It was tradition for women.

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