Good Morning

Castle Waldegg 23.03.2019

Even the blue morning skies of Spring are now repeating themselves so here is a view of the local castle that I took yesterday afternoon. I decided to take a wheelie in my chair to the local farm to see if there was anything new.

Rooster 23.03 (2)

The first that I heard and saw was the rooster. He was singing his heart out and I could already hear him as I wheeled up the path. It looks like they have a new rooster. I suppose even roosters retire after a while, which is a good way of saying it. It was a lovely afternoon and there was even heat in the sun. After a Winter of cold days and snow it was wonderful and I had dreams of getting tanned again in my chair.

Platt Bread

And now a small interruption. My timer rang on my phone to remind me that the bread I was baking is finished. The store sells them in half finished condition and all you have to do is finish the baking in the oven for 10 minutes. It has become a bit of a tradition to have one for Sunday and it fills the kitchen with the smells of a baker’s shop.

Chickens 23.03 (2)

So back to the farm and where would a rooster be without his chickens although they were not impressed. As I was watching the rooster got annoyed with a chicken for some reason and a chase began. Even the roosters have problems with their womenfolk now and again. This white chicken looked quite stately with her tail feathers.

Ducks 23.03 (2)

There is also a small pond at the farm for the ducks who seem to be growing. This one put on a special wing exercise show for my camera, sort of an afternoon gymnastic session.

Solothurn cemetery 23.03 (4)

I wheeled my way home through the cemetery where this lady was sitting. She has been there for many years always in the same position.

Otherwise it was a quiet day with no stress except a little in the evening when I uploaded my photos, but I had nothing better to do. Mr. Swiss now hugs the bed already around 10.00 pm, although I like to keep my routine of 11.00 pm. He switches the TV off when he goes which is fine by me because to be quite honest, I have no longer an idea how TV’s work. I so rarely watch it and never switch it on or turn it off. Β I have so many other pastimes. We watch mainly the German TV channels, sometimes the Austrian programmes and they tend to have the same actors and the themes are often repeated in the criminal films.

Today is another sunny day and I might take a wheelie in town this afternoon to see how the circus arrival is doing. They have lions and camels, but up to now no chance for a good photo as the sun put it all in the shade. The lions are in their cages Β so no action photos.

Primrose 23.03.2019

I leave you with some wild flowers I saw growing in a meadow on my trip. I think they are primroses.

Have a great Sunday and take it easy, I know I will: the privilege of a golden oldie.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning.
    Yes, those are primroses, but are not a species that I am familiar with. Only about three species are popular here. English horticulturists know more about them.

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  2. I used to make those braided loaves myself back when I actually was serious about bread baking. I really did love backing bread. The small along was enough to improve your mood and I swear my popularity went sky high on bread baking days!

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