RDP Friday: Book


When two people get together that are both bookworms then you have to get the books somehow organised. This is just one example of a bookcase in the living room, the rest are distributed in six other book cases in our hobby room. When you read in two languages, German and English, the problem gets more complicated.

However there is one book that I always wanted to read and my dad (born 1915) had it in his possession and passed it onto me. It was “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, one of the first horror stories I had read and it impressed me. Written in the form of letters and diary entries it began with the visit of a Jonathon Harker to a mysterious castle in Transylvannia where count Dracula lived to organise the sale of property in England. It is absolutely nothing very much to do with the various films that have made about this Dracula. It seems that Bram Stoker based the story on a dream he once had, but who knows. I still have the book but it seems to have disappeared as many objects do as the years go past. It is a very old edition and lost a few parts of the bindings over the years, but can still be read.

It is one of the books that the anti Kindle people make examples of the preference of real books over electronic. It smells like a book (a little musty) and feels like a book. The book lovers forget to say that it is also falling apart like a book does with the years. I had read it many times.

Old Books

We have many such old books in our collection, mostly from my dad’s family. I see Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allen Poe in the row of old books: another favourite I shared with my dad. And on the end a bible. I think in the olden days everyone had a bible somewhere in the collection.

I have become a Kindle reader, do not bother so much with books as they are often too heavy for me to hold. Perhaps one day books will no longer exist, replaced by the electronic word. The main thing is that we can still read them and treasure them. Give me a book any time over a film.

RDP Friday: Book

9 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Book

  1. i am not sure if one day books will not exist any longer. But what I do know is – if there is no electricity to load your kindle, you are … not better off (avoided the four letter word narrowly).

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  2. I too, have a kindle for the portability factor, particularly when traveling. And like you, many overfull book cases that I am slowly thinning. I like a book in my hand better than the Kindle, and its lovely to have the variety of things to read on a small device that I can pull out of my purse or pack.

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    • A Kindle is ideal for me. I read a lot and have many books in english, so it is no problem to upload them. Otherwise I have to order them and wait until they arrive. I have very rarely thrown any books away and that is also a problem. My bookcases stay a they are.


  3. I love to see old books, what a lovely little collection you have there! I’ve bought a couple of old books in the past year. A poetry collection & one full of wild flowers, they’re wonderful, I love that they’re a bit worse for wear! I’m not a kindle user, but can see their benefits.

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