11 thoughts on “FOTD 21st March 2019: Bromelia

  1. We have one of these … in 22 years it has never bloomed. THen about a week ago …. it bloomed … in the middle of later winter. It is vivid orange. Such a welcome note of cheer as winter slowly winds down. The only problem is … Spring is being very slow to wind up !!! Although the forsythia are slowly beginning to peak out among the shrubs and brush along the side of the roads as one drives around. So that is a good thing. There are also a few daffodils. The tulips are up but no buds yet … Cherry Blossom Festival has started down on the national mall in DC but so far it is promenades and exhibits … there are no cherry blossoms yet, and won’t be for two weeks they say. We will see. If it keeps raining like it dead yesterday … more than 2 inches, flooding everywhere … things will be looking soggy for the cherry blossoms as they don’t do SCUBA diving very well … SLP

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    • I noticed today that my hyacinths have buds. At the moment I am gradually weeding out a little day by day to see what is actually growing. The rainy season is finished at the moment and every day there is a new surprise in the garden. Bromelia here are indoor plants.


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