RDP Wednesday: Abandon

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (1)

It used to be full of life
And now just the spiders and the bugs
The flies no longer visit
They have better things to do
than hanging around
packed in a web ready for lunch
Suspended in a corner a spider looks down
Observes the creeping bugs
The bugs look up at the spider
Disappear in a crack in the floorboards
Outside it is green
Plants that no-one would want in their garden
Officially forbidden to enter with a sign
There used to be people here
The noise of machinery
Now abandoned
The spiders and bugs continue with their daily life
saying good morning and good night to each other

RDP Wednesday: Abandon

9 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Abandon

    • It’s an old factory in Solothurn. I remember when it existed, but now abandoned at least 30 years ago. For a while a small theatre was there, but that is also no longer. Now it is boarded up and the blinds are hanging broken. The paved side path is now overgrown with weeds.


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