RDP Sunday: Bail

So what about a harvest bail? I have never been in prison (up to now), I have never had to bail anyone out and I did not flee from England, I went of my own free will. But I live in the farmland surroundings of Switzerland.

Hay Harvest 06.09 (2)

And here they are continuously harvesting something or the other. In the early days they would make hay stacks, large piles of hay looking like miniature houses, They would perhaps tie the crops in bundles, all done by hand of course, making interesting shapes on the fields.

Maize Harvest 12.09 (6)

Today it is all done mechanically with the farm machinery and the result looks something like this. This bale was even used for advertising purposes for selling second hand children’s clothes in the local town.

Crops 25.06 (3)

Or this

Crows 13.07 (2)

where the crows gather waiting to see what is left for them.

It is no longer the good old days of farm hands with their pitchforks pushing it all nicely together and creating various shapes. . Now we have machines that bind the crops and throw out the results either packed in squares or in circular designs. Even agriculture has now become automated. Farmers are no longer required, more mechanics. These are my bails.

RDP Sunday: Bail

5 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Bail

  1. This is what I thought of first when the word popped into my head! I am a country girl and the site and smell of mowed alfalfa on a summer morning was the sweetest thing in the world. I, too, miss the artistry of hand made bails.

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    • I grew up in London town and the first time I saw crops on farmlands was when I was about 8 years old. I now treasure my time in Swizterland where I live in farmlands. The farmer’s year has become my year and I know when to expect mowed fields. Even the smell of the fertiliser has become homely (although I prefer freshly mowed crops).

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