Good Morning

Morning Sky

And this at 8 a.m. Spring is now firmly on its way. With temperatures of 20°C in the afternoon I am not complaining. Of course it really invites you to go outside and enjoy the weather, although Mr. Swiss has just shut the window in the kitchen where I am on the computer as he finds there is still a nip in the air. I suppose computer work keeps the circulation in order.

Horses 16.03 (3)

Of course I made the most of the weather in the afternoon and went for a wheelie into town in my chair. The first sight I had on the way were the horses grazing outside in the next farm. Actually I drive along the side of the railway tracks and when I get to the next station there is a space in the fencing and a good opportunity to take some photos. It seems to me they have more horses every time I pass by.

Baselstrasse 16.03.2019

The path on the left is where I travel next to the railway lines and on the right is the main road from our town of Solothurn which would eventually take you to Zürich after almost 2 hours journey. There is a motorway which is naturally quicker and after an hour you are in Zürich. This road is used more locally and where most of my car journeys begin.

Solothurn cemetery 16.03.2019

After leaving the path along the railway I crossed over the road (a very wheelchair friendly crossing) and arrived at the town cemetery. I can now drive through the cemetery and enjoy the peace and quiet. During the Winter there was not very much happening in the way of nature, but now the ground cover has began to grow and the trees are forming the buds for the leaves. I cut through the cemetery with a purpose as afterwards I can join the sreet leading to our high school, not that I am interested in the high school, but the tower next to it.

Stork Nest 16.03 (5)

Perhaps not so interesting, but to someone that lives in the area I took a photo and was rewarded. Yes, the storks have returned. This white appearance on the left at the top of the tower is a stork. Storks are perhaps lazy and do not build fresh nests annually but often return to the previous nest. Our town workers keep the nests ready for them. Last year I watched the stork family grow throughout the summer with their babies and this year I hope the same.

My next surprise was as I was entering town and had this view.

Alps 16.03 (2)

It is not very often that you see the alps from our town, but in some places you can get a clear view if you know where, and if the light is right and the weather. This time it was perfect with the North wall of the Eiger on the left.

Eventually I did get into town and afterwards travelled home again along the banks of the River Aare. I certianly had fun with the camera yesterday and even the moon accompanied me on the way, although it was mid afternoon. Again another play with reflections of the sunlight.

Moon 16.03 (1)

And now to deal with other things, like having a shower, tidying up the place and above all cooking lunch. Lunch comes first as I have a pork roast today and like to cook it slow through the morning. Enjoy your Sundays and relax, forget the daily stress, although I can talk about it, but I have to deal with it as well.

Tree 16.03.2019

I have no idea what this tree is, but it was flowering so also getting ready for Spring days. I saw it along the river bank.


22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. OH it is all so pretty … and spring is coming, we can feel it here too … but it is not here yet … that’s for sure …. I am glad it is there for you to enjoy …. SLP

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  2. The flowering tree looks a lot like the Cornus mas, or European flowering dogwood?

    Loved your shot of the moon – i took a night shot of it the night before. 🙂

    Looks like a glorious day and the roast pork sounds wonderful too. Have great day, Pat. 🙂

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    • All sorts of twigs and branches are now beginning to flower, but I do not know half of them. The moon shot was made in the afternoon. I am not so good at night shots.The day looked good, but now it is raining. The sun disappeared some time before lunch. And enjoy your day as well.

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    • That is sort of what I was thinking, but I really do not know what Cornus mas looks like this time of year in colder climates. Ours do not defoliate completely, so the still look rather trashy until the new foliage develops. The flowers look about the same. Underneath all the icky foliage, the stems probably look the same too.

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful little trip you had, all those lovely sights! It’s nice having those different contrasts in your location. The mountain view is spectacular! Before we lived in a rural location I used to love walking through the large, local cemetery. It was full of wildlife too, & the perfect, peaceful place to watch the seasons change. Good to hear the weather has started turning for you!

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    • I particularly treasure it as I had been at home all week due to such bad weather and only saw the inside of a supermarket now and again when I went shopping. Cemeteries are interesting places, especially observing the changing of the seasons.


    • It happens when the sun is in the right place now and again, but I had never seen it so clear during the day as yesterday. The alps are also displaying themselves well at the moment. It must be the atmospherics we have. Yesterday was a perfect sunny day.


  4. Beautiful post, lovely pics
    Hamamelis (witch hazel)? If so, i‘s a plant with many healing capacities….. 🙂
    Have a good few last hours of this Sunday. We have April weather here, gale force winds, strong and sudden rains, a handful of sunshine before it pitches down again….. Good for the soil and garden, but seriously messes up my magnolias and camellias. They already look hurt and the flowers lie on the ground by their dozens…. ;(


    • I saw the magnolias are in bud in the local park. Today was dismal, some rain and strong winds, but nextbweek it will be Spring with all the trimmings. It probably is witch hazel, thanks


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