FOWC with Fandango: Division

Cleaning liquids

I am woman and an expert at division. I have been dividing myself for many years. It began when I married. I was dividing myself between looking good for husband and looking after husband, cooking the food and general housework when I had the time. Now and again, constantly, I was a working woman earning money.

And then the kids came along  one after the other. No problem, I began to do multiple division, with decimal points that continuously repeated themselves to never ending sequences: feeding babies, washing the kids, making sure they used the toothbrush when they should and sending them off to school. I also washed and ironed their clothes, they were the reoccurring decimal points. the ones that seemed to go on and on.

And then I really had to get down to it when they had homework, although they didn’t seem to do it like I did. Algebra is no problem if you get your x and y sorted, but somehow there were the unknown properties arriving like boyfriends and long nights out, trying to divide yourself between being an understanding parent and using brute force if there was a dividing factor present that you did not reckon with.

One day the totals of the division move on to their own mathematical solutions and you are left with just a budget to organise, no problem. The husband has in the meanwhile become a reoccurring decimal point after so many years and the total is always correct . I have become an expert in division.

FOWC with Fandango: Division

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