RDP Friday: Hope

Hope is a Friday feeling
Collect the shopping bags
Put them in the car boot
Drive off to the store and fill them
Sounds easy, not so easy
The bags now in the trolley
Push the trolley around the store
Fill it, checking items off the list
Meet a friend in the store
And then continue
Striking items off the list
Suddenly the list is empty
Hoping you have got everything
Pay at the cash desk
Use the special coupons with reductions
Already dealt with in the comfort of home
What are iPads for?
Pile the goods in the bags
Off home in the car
And now again the hopeful part
What more hope?
Never stop hoping
In the garage leave the cola pack
Too heavy and No. 1 son will fetch it
Otherwise pile it all on your walker
Mission completed
Hope I remembered  everything

RDP Friday: Hope

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