Good Morning

Snow in Garden 14.03 (1)

Not such good wetter prospects. Yesterday was a mixture of snow and rain all day and I was glad that I did not have to go places and see things. There is also a fresh wind blowing and not very inviting. Needless to say I was at home all day, although busy doing this and that. Me time is in the second half of the afternoon when I attend to my various hobbies like writing ad organising photos. In the evening I like to read, generally on my Kindle. Even golden oldies are now to lazy to hold a book in their hands, and where am I supposed to go with books. I already have more than 6 bookcases full, mine and Mr. Swiss.

Rain in the morning

I treated myself to a pot of daffodils in the store a few days ago. My son retrieved my table and chairs from the cellar for the front garden and I completed the picture with my daffodils. However, it has not stopped raining since. At least I do not have to give them any water. I always have something outside when Spring is on its way. When they finish flowering I plant them somewhere in the garden.


My poinsettia still has its red leaves which surprises me. I have had it since before Christmas and usually it begins to dwindle after Christmas, but it seems to like my apartment and is still looking quite healthy. It lost a few leaves on the way but is now producing new shoots. I generally put it outside during the Summer months, although it does not always survive so well. It does not seem to like direct sun.

So what do we do today? I have yet another excursion to the store this afternoon for the week-end shopping. I constructed my list of things to cook over the week-end yesterday. What else does a golden oldie have to keep busy.  Son No. 1 is off to a concert in town this evening so Mr. Swiss and I will be having yet another romantic candlelight supper together. Actually it will be in the kitchen and no candles, but still homely.

Our new bed linen arrived yesterday. We ordered it only two days ago online so a good service. It was washed yesterday so now I will have an ironing session this afternoon: two pillow and duvet covers. That is the disadvantage of having new linen. I do not like the idea of using it straight from the packing as it still has the smell and feel of new. There is also the disadvantage that we are now constantly getting mails from the company where we ordered it with new offers. That is modern life.

As I look out of the window I see the rain and snow mixture again. I am now off for some housewife exercise to keep me warm. I also have to recharge my mobile phone. Sometime in the early morning hours I wake and hang it onto the electricity. I sleep further and it is fully uploaded when I rise. This time I forgot. It has enough power but I like to recharge it in the morning to be sure. Mr. Swiss constantly forgets. At the moment we are both busy uploading them.

Gulls 12.03 (1)

Have a good day or night as the case may be and let us just wait until Spring arrives, like these gulls seem to be doing at our local river.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning! Great to see your Poinsettia has survived. I believe, if you keep it indoors when it gets cold & keep it totally covered for at least 14hours a day, a good few weeks before Christmas, then hopefully, it’ll regain its red leaves. There’s probably more precise information online, but it might be worth a try 😊 Hope your weather improves soon!

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  2. Sometimes, a plant just likes our light and if you water it just right, it will keep growing for you. You obviously have just the perfect touch. All my poinsettias die immediately and don’t even last UNTIL Christmas, much less after it! Congratulations!


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